Four reasons Small Businesses Should Hire a Freelancer

Four reasons Small Businesses Should Hire a Freelancer

Small business owners have had to navigate many unforeseeable challenges so far this year. Still, many small companies have managed to survive –– and even thrive –– despite the current, less-than-ideal conditions. With that in mind, let’s talk about how small businesses can build on their success by enlisting the help of a freelance professional. Here are four good reasons to hire a freelancer for your company:

High-Level of Expertise

Though some entrepreneurs may not realize it, many freelancers are just as talented and capable as “traditional” employees. In fact, some freelancers are experts in their field. As such, if a small business owner needs help with a certain project –– like writing an E-book or building a new landing page –– then they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a freelancer for help. Remember, while your current staff may be willing to try new things and do their best, they may not have specific knowledge needed to complete a project effectively.

Avoid Lay-Offs

Some business owners don’t like working with freelancers because they prefer to have an in-house employee handle certain tasks or assignments. This model can work, but it also comes with a drawback, namely the possibility of lay-offs. Hiring a full-time employee is a risk, and should the economic situation deteriorate further, small businesses may have to let go of quality professionals they can no longer afford.

Low Price

For the reasons outlined above, freelancers are generally cheaper to hire and manage than full-time workers. Not only do most freelancers charge standard industry prices for their work, but they also don’t require benefits like health insurance like traditional employees. So businesses in a jam can save money in many instances by outsourcing.

Company can save budget by hiring freelancers


One of the best things about freelance work is that businesses can usually find assistance when they really need it. Freelancers work hard to develop good relationships with their clients, and they’ll often go above and beyond to finish a project under a tight deadline. You just have to build up trust and establish a strong connection with a freelancer first! Once you do, though, freelancers will be able to provide you with greater company-wide flexibility. For example, you can hand off a series of blog posts to a freelance writer while your own in-house professional focuses on finishing a time-sensitive email campaign.

Flexibility in fulfilling the tight deadline given by hiring freelancers


Whether your business manufactures microplate strips, or you sell insurance, rest assured that there are excellent freelancers who can meet your needs and expectations. To find freelancers, you can of course check out traditional sites like Flexgigzz,  upwork or fivvr, however, if your needs are more particular, you might also try Linkedin.


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