Four ways to develop soft skills as a freelancer

Four ways to develop soft skills as a freelancer

For some professionals, freelance is a source of extra income. Others dedicate themselves exclusively to it, either as an alternative to unemployment or the search for a more flexible routine. But, like job seekers, freelancers should not be limited to technical skills. It is necessary to improve soft skills .

Knowing how to communicate well, manage your time, collaborate and prioritize tasks, for example, will allow you to deal better with customers or team members. And that can make you a more attractive freelancer for companies.

In an article published in Entrepreneur , entrepreneur and freelance writer Laura Briggs listed 4 tips for developing soft skills by acting as a freelance professional. See below.

Make notes
When talking to customers, pay attention to the lines – and make notes about them. According to Briggs, it is common for them to give clues about their frustrated expectations or experiences with other professionals. If one of them got angry because a collaborator disappeared without giving any satisfaction, for example, write down a reminder to send an email recapping the conversation and presenting the next steps. “It shows that you have heard and that you are organized,” she says.

Take note
Take notes is important for freelancer

Ask for feedback
Hearing that the result of your work is not perfect can hurt, but it will help you become a better professional – especially if you learn not to take the feedback personally. Testimonials can also be used in your presentations to future clients. “If the customer doesn’t give you feedback, ask! Even if they don’t have any negative feedback, it is very useful to know what they like about working with you. ”

Collect the feedbacks from clients

Improve your ability to manage time
Discovering mechanisms to use and manage time well is not only useful when performing tasks: it can also be a way to impress customers. If one of them asks how you prioritize tasks, be able to give a clear and detailed answer. Using past projects as an example can also be a great way to demonstrate your skills.

Time Management
Time Management

Always keep learning
Look for ways to continue improving your ability to work and communicate well with others. Being part of a learning group or acting as a mentor are some examples of how to do this. “They can also help make up for the lack of work experience when you’re starting out,” says Briggs.


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