5 Useful Ideas For Your Tech Resume

5 Useful Ideas For Your Tech Resume

A resume is a document that puts you in the door of a new business. I can’t emphasize how important it is to spend time and energy in this process, because your resume is the first thing that brings prospective employers to you. In this situation, it should provide enough valuable details so that everybody will recognize that you are the right individual. And I can tell you that it’s going to pay off.

In this post, I provide you with five tips that you should consider while writing your tech resume.

Starting with the basics

It’s very important to get the basics correct when creating your resume, because any piece of information like this needs to consist of general information that demonstrates who you are, what you want, and what your advantages over others are. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Limit the resume to one or two pages. Generally speaking, if you have less than five years of experience, it should be one page.
  • Don’t use the long paragraphs that go on or on. The first time your resume has been checked, it may be a quick quest for keywords.
  • Use bullets where possible, as this adds to the scanning of the paper.
  • Explain acronyms—not everybody who reads your resume is a techie.
  • Include your updated contact details and the best phone number you need to call.
  • Using the keywords on your resume. Instead of saying “database maintenance skills,” say “SQL Server and MySQL skills.”
  • Proofread the resume. The typo of a resume is like a black eye. Get a friend to check your resume before you post or submit it out.

Tailor Resume for Each Job

Although this seems obvious, you wouldn’t believe how many generic resumes I’ve seen over the years when I managed the freelance team at the company I worked for. Human Resources people match your resume to the work criteria and are looking for unique keywords that apply to the role.

It is crucial that you highlight your skills and experience to match the role you are applying for. Yes, it’s every time.

Read the job posting very carefully, and only include what is important to the position in your resume. Be unique to that. If you apply for a.NET developer job and your resume talks about your extensive experience with VMWare, it won’t get you past the resume screener. Now, if you don’t already have experience with the specifications of the position, you may want to consider continuing to apply before you do it.

You’re also expected to do some analysis to find out what they’re looking for in a candidate. You will also find this information on the company’s website, or if the company is big enough, you can find this information on the website.

Focus on Results

Consideration of the financial aspects of a company tends to take place in companies. What I mean by this is, for example, that developers and designers might be asked to consider the ROI for improvement before starting a project. This has an effect on how applicants are evaluated for vacancies.

Today’s businesses need workers at all levels to understand the financial consequences of their investments and ventures. This is felt even more in IT teams as businesses invest in technology to drive sales and reduce costs. The days of designing a sleek application are over, because it’s cool. I recommend that you consider the outcomes of projects on your resume instead of only concentrating on technology.

Let’s assume that in your past work, you developed a shopping cart application.

Deal With Employment Gaps

The best scenario will be to minimize work shortages. If you’re in a career where you’re unemployed, going back to school to learn new skills or even volunteering with your skills and experience will help to overcome job gaps. You could also turn the negative scenario of being unemployed for a period of time into an opportunity to demonstrate how resourceful you are when faced with adversity. Please indicate this in your resume.

Think beyond the box, too, when dealing with work gaps.

Provide Supporting Documentation

First of all, make sure that you clean up your social networking profiles and content. If you have a LinkedIn profile that I highly suggest, make sure it is up-to-date and compatible with your resume (at least the public parts). Delete any mad profile images from Facebook when you’re searching for a new job.

Don’t forget to refer your personal website or blog to your resume. Although Google might not be checking out your blog when reviewing your resume, any small or medium-sized company would be looking. This is particularly true if your resume is submitted to the IT hiring manager.

Tech resume writing is one of the most critical items you can take care of when you’re looking for a new career. In this situation, the job is to present yourself to a prospective employer in the best way possible.

Good luck!

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