90% Of Workers Prefer to Keep Work from Home

90% Of Workers Prefer to Keep Work from Home

Almost nine out of 10 workers or 90% want to choose whether to work from home or the office. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and workplace restrictions ease. Workers want to have more autonomy for their hours by working from home, according to research from Cisco Systems. The research showed, two-thirds of workers developing a greater appreciation of the benefits and challenges of doing their jobs remotely. Because, the pandemic has made shifted towards home working.

Work From Home Survey

Before lockdown there were only 5 percent of workers prefer work from home. Then the pandemic hit and forced people to work from home. As a result after pandemic, 87 percent of workers wanted the ability to choose where, how, and when they should work.  Said the Cisco’s report on on Wednesday (Oct 14). The report said  it is a blending between being office-based and working remotely.

Cisco vice-president Gordon Thomson also said that companies would have to reconfigure how they operate. Because, it is to help meet the new demands of workers, who prioritise effective communication and collaboration above everything else. 

Pandemic makes people work from home

Technology to Work From Home

He said to ensure employee safety and data security, the company must use technology. This could include, for example, sensors that monitor the heating and lighting in a home work station, or technology that checks social distancing, and whether people are wearing masks in the office, he added. 

“It’s not just about connecting people anymore; it’s about the experience you deliver to people as they are connected,” he said in an interview. 

“We are investing far more in the analytical piece that goes behind the connectivity.” 

Cisco has surveyed 10,000 people across 12 markets in Europe. Along with it, Cisco also surveyed the Middle East, and Russia for its Workforce of the Future research. 


Source :www.straitstimes.com


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