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Estonia A Hotspot Place for Digital Nomad Freelancer

It is the dream of many a freelancer to fly around the world working wherever they lay their hat and laptop. While the Covid-19 crisis has restricted international travel, it has also highlighted the possibilities of remote working. But local employment and visa laws restrict options for freelancers.

When Remote Working  Reshapes The  New World Of Work

COVID-19 struck fast and hard. And most of us had to hit the ground running to accommodate our attitudes and habits as we started working from home. Sharat Sharan, CEO, President, and Co-Founder of ON24 described it as a tsunami, “While we could see it coming, once it hit, the pandemic changed business overnight. And when a crisis like this hap...

Pandemic Triggers Freelance Booming in US

With more Americans taking freelance careers full-time and Gen-Z workers turning to independent work because it’s hard to find jobs, freelancing is becoming a far more important contributor to the U.S. economy than in the past, according to new research. And with the pandemic keeping the majority of freelancers fully oc...

Tips To Take A Freelance Job Without Disturbing Your Full-Time Job.

How can you do your side hustle, still hold down your full-time position, and avoid pissing off the people who pay your paycheck? Here are seven tips that will help you take home more cash while still keeping your boss happy and building a stronger foundation for your career.

1. Check Your Contract

Nobody likes sifting through ...

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