Become a Game Developer Without Coding

Become a Game Developer Without Coding

If you think about game industry Thousands of new games are released each year, both by major publishers and independent developers.  Maybe you also want to be a freelancer in game industry as an indie game maker or developer. Something that you need to know is not all game makers are able to code, and you can create game without doing coding. So, become a game developer without Coding and even no need to learn programming? 

You can use game builders to create a game without coding. You don’t need to learn how to code to create a game like Pokemon, Zelda, Harvest Moon, Flappy Bird, first-person shooters, zombie games, and many more game types. 

This is possible because the creators of these games have engineered every possible game movement. Then it’s only a matter of deciding which of the pre-programmed actions to use. But to become a game developer without coding, you must¬†prepare :¬†

1. Game Story  

What is the point of your game? What are the names of your characters? What is their driving force? 

You’ll need to write a story about how your game’s environment works. This is valid not only for your heroes, but also for your antagonists.¬†

2. Rule of the game  

What is your world like? Is it based on real-life physics? Or does it have its own set of rules? You must establish your ground rules early on and stick to them. 

How many lives or health points does your hero, for example, get? What happens if the hero dies? Is it true that enemies respawn? How does your leveling device work? Is it possible for enemies to climb over walls?  

3. Game’s Resources 

  • Graphics ‚Äď you’ll almost certainly need to create (or hire someone to create) imaginative characters, environments, floor plans, attack effects, and a slew of other stuff.¬†
  • Music ‚Äď either create or buy the music sound¬†
  • Patience ‚Äď you must have a lot of it, because plenty is not enough.¬†¬†

After you’ve decided on a story, rules, and resources, the next step is to decide which game builder to use. The majority of them have free versions that you can check out before investing in the paid versions.¬†

So, here are the top 3 game builders that can make you become a game developer without coding. Let’s check them out.  


Yoyogames (GameMaker) is one of the most common game creators available, and it also has some of the most comprehensive features. The free version lets you make a simple game that can be published and played on your computer. The premium price is pricey

with $440 toGame Developer Without Coding   publish on iOS and Android. 




Games that are made using Yoyogames are : 

  • Steam¬†¬†
  • Galactic Missile¬†Defense¬†
  • Crashlands¬†
  • Soft Body¬†

Construct 3  

Constuct 3 is one of the most innovative game creators currently available. It is not cluttered, and you can easily create a game in just a few hours. Construct 2 is easier to learn and less expensive than GameMaker, at $129.99, and allows you to publish on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Wii U. 

The user interface of Construct 3 is stunning. It doesn’t try to suffocate you with the game builder’s minutiae. When it comes to incorporating actions and activities, it’s very intuitive.¬†

Game Developer Without Coding

Games Made using Construct 3

  • The Next Penelope
  • CoinOp Story
  • Hungry Hal


GameSalad is another game creator that allows you to create games without writing any code. GameSalad, unlike GameMaker and Construct 2, is rented rather than purchased. For just $29 a month, you can become a pro member, which is already a fantastic deal if you just want to try it out. You can only try the basic package for 15 days.

Game Developer Without Coding

Games Made Using GameSalad

  • Steam Punks
  • Little Saw
  • Fun Town

Where to Find Game Resources  

Here are a few places online where you can get design assets such as game art, character design, sound files, background scenes, audio, and more if you need them. 

  • GSHelper,¬†GameSalad’s¬†official marketplace. There are hundreds of professionally created artworks and music on the site.¬†
  • Scirra Marketplace,¬†Scirra, the makers of Construct 2, have an official marketplace. For a few dollars, you can get hundreds of pieces of game art and soundtracks.¬†
  • GraphicRiver¬†for over 1500 game assets that you can use in your games.¬†
  • GameTexture¬†for free game assets. Please check the usage license.¬†
  • Bfxr¬†for sound assets that are available for free Music is arguably more difficult to make than graphics, and if you don’t want to buy or employ music, you’ll need to play around with¬†Bfxr.¬†
  • Freesound¬†for free music. Get the sound clips you need to make your game a lot more fun.¬†
  • AudioJungle¬†among other things, for sound effects and music You appreciate the importance of good picks if you recall the music and sound effects from Mario Bros decades after you stopped playing.¬†

All is done, now what? 

When you have completed your game, you can market it . You can use social media Ads, like facebook Ads for that. You can also put your game on your freelance portfolio as a game maker on so client can see your games.  

Source :  Hongkiat  

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