Build Enjoyment of Remote Teamwork

Build Enjoyment of Remote Teamwork

Organizations should use the right resources to ensure successful remote teamwork and efficiency as work outside the workplace becomes more and more common.  

Working professionals in Singapore have seen very little of their workplaces, and much more of their homes, since early last year. A study commissioned by Lark Technologies and conducted by Milieu Insight, a market research company based in Singapore, found that 94 percent of professionals, executives and executives (PMEs) across a variety of industries required flexible work to remain. 

Remote Teamwork
Many employees now looking for flexible work

A growing number of workers are seeking out companies that offer flexible working conditions since COVID-19 pandemic, according to Ms Joey Lim, Lark’s vice president of trade (Asia). 

“Flexi-work provides a plethora of benefits that we’re all familiar with – being able to set your own schedule, working from the comfort of your home, saving time and money on commuting, and more. Companies have also realised that employees don’t need to be in the office to get work done. Providing staff with the autonomy to work anywhere helps to build trust between employer and employee and even increase enjoyment,” she shared. 

As working outside the workplace becomes the new standard, it has proven to be important to have the correct instrument to promote collaboration and productivity. 64 percent of PMEs surveyed in the same study thought that getting the right tool could make it much easier to operate, while 60 percent agreed that the right tool could help them be more efficient. 

By providing a seamless experience, a successful collaboration platform will serve as the foundation for high productivity and job satisfaction. PMEs disclosed in the study that their top three tasks were chat or texting, video meetings and email, regardless of seniority rank. 

For example, users can check team members’ schedules while chatting with them or launch a video call from a calendar event. Users no longer have to toggle between separate programmes or interrupt their workflow to search for a specific file.  


For small to medium enterprises (SMEs) usually they prefer program that can be customized and accessible with cloud storage solution.  Lark system from Singapore offers Lark’s cloud storage solution, Lark Drive, offers easy management and sharing of large files like videos and music recordings. All these functions have not only allowed SRMC students to continue learning – even asynchronously – but also helped them connect with their peers and instructors in different parts of the world.  

Remote Teamwork
Access work anywhere


It is important for employees to be able to access their job wherever and whenever to make remote teamwork enjoyable.  Either while working from home or while on the move.  Any work should store on cloud and synced in real time across all the devices.   So, employees can have more flexibility in managing their life.  

At the end of the day, having the right digital collaboration platform goes far beyond just making work enjoyable for remote teamwork . Said Ms Lim: “Employee happiness can lead to other benefits such as customer satisfaction, job satisfaction and employee retention. Ultimately, choosing a collaboration tool that employees enjoy using can improve a company’s bottom line.” 

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