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OneDrive Review : Personal Microsoft Storage

As we all know that nowadays online storage is basic requirement of people, specially for businesses. Here is a solution for that, OneDrive provides you the facility to store your data online with Microsoft Storage Cloud Service. On OneDrive the data is always protected and access is quite easy.

What OneDrive Provides Us?

One of the benefits of OneDrive is the data synchronization.  So on OneDrive we can access our data from any where. By having One Drive, now you don’t need to worry about having large spaces. One drive does not require you to download files on your device to view or access them.

The online feature of One Drives helps us to make our devices free of space. It is also makes Windows 10 storage sense has the quality to automatically free up the space by keeping old and unused files, be online only.

Larger Access in Microsoft Storage 

By using OneDrive we can have access our Microsoft 365 files including files of Microsoft Share Point and Microsoft Teams. Another feature includes, access to all shared libraries files within organization. In addition, we can also have access to the files shared by other companies. In this way we can synchronize our content not only within organization, but with others too such as, supplier, contractors, and customers

Customize Synchronization

OneDrive brings a feature that account holder could block the synchronization from particular users just by entering the tenants ID. The user can also enjoy the feature of setting limits of speed at which synchronization should be done. The person could also maintain the performance of several upload task on a computer by mentioning the percentage of the computer’s upload. Therefore OneDrive synchronization client can use to upload files.

Mobile App

Microsoft also offers OneDrive App for mobiles and tablets. By having this app we could enjoy different benefits. It allows us to access our files from any where and on any device. Now you can, upload, preview , edit and co-author your files by using this app. You can also delete and recover your files just by using mobile devices. This app also provides us the option to mark our files for offline access, so when we even don’t have internet we can access our files on our devices.

Personal Microsoft Storage

Now we can use the Microsoft Storage Service via OneDrive. It is helping the world at large to securely store their files online and they do not need to afraid of loosing their important data. Businesses are at more benefit as the features given by One Drive are mostly the need of businesses. Its synchronization feature, allows the users to get access of files from any where and combine their data on one platform, is highly appreciated. The concept of cloud storage is one of the best concepts as well the launch of One Drive App makes it more appealing among the people. The app has made the user more comfortable and easy to use the features.


Writer : Zain Abbas


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OneDrive Review : Personal Microsoft Storage

As we all know that nowadays online storage is basic requirement of people, specially for businesses. Here is a solution for that, OneDrive provides...

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