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Trello Review: Visually Organize Your Business

About Trello

“Organize anything, together.”

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards and in a glance, you can see what’s being worked on, the team involved and the current process you are in.

If you need a simple yet intuitive app for your team collaboration, then Trello is the way to go.

Hello, Trello

Have we mentioned that it is easy to use? Trello’s software was designed to let anyone know its method in a glimpse so you can go from idea to action in seconds. Its boards, lists, and cards enable you to not just organize but prioritize your projects in a flexible and rewarding way.

Will it work for you? Check out our review below.

Main Features

  • Project management through boards, cards, and lists
  • Embedded with scheduling tools and calendar commands
  • Integrated with other productivity platforms (Slack, Dropbox)
  • Built-in workflow automation with butler
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Accessibility over multiple devices
  • Content import and export, and file sharing
  • Real-time chat with alerts and notifications

User Experience

As mentioned, Trello’s system mainly uses boards, lists, and cards. This gives you a grasp of its versatility system. You can use boards for your daily tasks, brand contents, project launch lists, and task management segregation, among others.

Within your boards are lists. This then takes the form of columns that divides each board from the other. The lists can contain cards where you place content like an interactive checklist, file attachments, or just some task descriptions.

Cards can be added to any list at any time and can be dragged and dropped from one list to another. They can be edited, color-tagged, given due date, removed, and even archived. Your team can also add comments to cards whenever they like.

A common way of using the app is to define the elements thus:

  • boards = projects
  • lists = stages of execution / stages of a process
  • cards = tasks that progress from one stage to the next

(source: leapfroggr.com)

For team collaboration, you can assign people to cards and this works well for managing team member’s roles in a project. With its drag and drop interface, members can simply drag cards from a list to indicate a task is done or what stage they are at.

And that’s it. That’s how Trello does its magic.


Trusted by millions, Trello powers teams all around the world. Here are the options for more features over the boards.

The free version of Trello already gives your account the ability to make unlimited boards, cards, and lists but you can only add up to 10 members in your Trello team. There is a limit of 10MB file attachment size as well.

You can unlock more standard and team features when you upgrade to a business class or enterprise accounts. Power-ups and automation are offered with more features on these paid accounts.

Some examples of power-ups are time-tracking, customization fields, and calendar views. If you need to have these features then consider going for a paid account since Trello Free only offers one power-up per board.

What does SkyHigh.Biz say?

We highly recommend Trello for its simplicity and easy to learn interface. We can just add in people to boards with minimal supervision as to how to operate on their lists and tasks. We already have the maximum benefit of the free account but we are still not considering having a payment plan for an upgrade since we use different softwares for more in-depth project management tasks.

Its flexibility is a big plus. The team can create new boards and collaborate directly from list building to completion. Trello’s availability as a mobile application makes switching from desktop to phone seamless and fast. We can check tasks and edit them on the go.

However, for more deep project works, Trello just lacks the availability of tools. A network connection has to be considered when using the software as well. You cannot access it when you are offline. Lastly, one of the biggest downsides we have is that files bigger than 10MB cannot be uploaded for the free account.

But overall, Trello is a ‘near-perfect’ tool for small team project management. We just love its lovely boards, flexibility, and drag and drop functionality.

If you want something simple and easy task management in seconds, Trello Your Way Now!


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