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Keep Your Mental Health: Learn Tips To Safeguard Your Mental Health

Working as a freelancer sounds like the dream lifestyle. There’s no alarm clock, no office attire and no fights over the air conditioning. But freelancers need to ensure they keep their mental health

Estonia A Hotspot Place for Digital Nomad Freelancer

It is the dream of many a freelancer to fly around the world working wherever they lay their hat and laptop. While the Covid-19 crisis has restricted international travel, it has also highlighted the possibilities of remote working. But local employment and visa laws restrict options for freelancers.

Pandemic Triggers Freelance Booming in US

With more Americans taking freelance careers full-time and Gen-Z workers turning to independent work because it’s hard to find jobs, freelancing is becoming a far more important contributor to the U.S. economy than in the past, according to new research. And with the pandemic keeping the majority of freelancers fully occu...

More Freelance Jobs in the Pandemic and The Trend will Continue

There’s a saying going around these days: The future of work is now — put into overdrive by the pandemic that suddenly transformed millions into virtual workers. But the coronavirus has also accelerated a major shift to freelancing that’s severing ties between companies and employees.

Four ways to develop soft skills as a freelancer

For some professionals, freelance is a source of extra income. Others dedicate themselves exclusively to it, either as an alternative to unemployment or the search for a more flexible routine. But, like job seekers, freelancers should not be limited to technical skills. It is necessary to improve soft skills . K...

Four reasons Small Businesses Should Hire a Freelancer

Small business owners have had to navigate many unforeseeable challenges so far this year. Still, many small companies have managed to survive –– and even thrive –– despite the current, less-than-ideal conditions. With that in mind, let’s talk about how small businesses can build on their success by enlisting the help of a . Here are four good reas...

Freelancers: Your Vaccine Against Famine And Feast

For all freelancers, the famine and feast cycle is a fact of life – or is it? You can take more control of the ebb and flow of your income if you make changes to how you run your business and, take steps to alter how you approach the relationships you have with your clients. One of the questions I get asked the most often particularly by new fre...

Future of IT

The age of expertise in one field is over. A developer must have knowledge of network. A network engineer must have knowledge of software development Faheem Gundroo SURVIVAL has been always been a matter of concern to mankind. From the age of foraging to scientific inventions humans have always been ...