Freelance Web Designers 12 Productivity Hacks

Productivity is essential for a freelance web designer.  Not only it will help  you complete your project  professionally  which make your freelancing business run well. Productivity also...

5 Well Paid Writing Niches for Freelancing   

If you have passion in writing and want to make money form that, you can check this list. Whether you want to writing as a side job or make it your full-time job, you can make your passion as a source income.  When you think only for bloggers, you may th...

How to Use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business ?

Twitter can be effectively utilized as a tool for freelancers  to promote your services. Even Elon Musk and Trump use twitter. Without a doubt Twitter is top social media platforms that connect many people without boundaries.  So, we are going to discuss how to use Twitter to Grow Freelance Business.

Different with Facebook an...

Remote Working Impact on Housing in the Future

Before the coronavirus hit 4.7 million people were already . When the coronavirus pandemic struck 88% of the world’s organizations encouraged remote work to their employees. So, how the the Remote Working Impact on housing in the future ?. Will it also will impact real estate business

5 Side Hustles to Get Extra Money While Work from Home

You can make side hustle while at home. Especially if you saving account took a major hit due to pandemic. Or maybe you are a housewife  who wants to get extra money. There are plenty of good reasons to boost your income this year, and t...

High Demand Skills for A Freelance Web Designer   

  The increase of digital life makes the website becomes essential for a business and build a portfolio.¬†¬† Along with that, the needs of the web designer also increase.¬† There are a lot of freelance out there. But, have you wonder. Why some freelance web designers got more clients while others only get a few?