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Canva Review: Bring Your Ideas to Life

What is Canva?

Founded in 2012, Canva is a platform that allows design features for social media contents, project posters, business presentations, and other visual graphics. It makes editing easy and fun!

Canva is programmed to help on the go business professionals and entrepreneurs create eye-catching designs through its drag-and-drop functionality and expert layouts. Available on the web, Android, and iOS (iPhone and iPad); you can jump back into your drafts anytime, anywhere. With this tool, users can empower their ideas and turn them into a design that can be downloaded, printed, or shared on various online channels.

To know if Canva is the right choice for your brand, check out our review:


Canva highlights a great pact of tools, including:

  • Ready-to-use design templates for both photo and video contents (Instagram layouts, YouTube thumbnails, GIFs, etc.)
  • Image editing, straightening, transparency, and enhancing
  • Text addition on photos and logo creations
  • Video editing tools
  • Team design collaboration
  • Free stock photography and elements such as shapes, frames, and cliparts
  • Support feature for both free and paid versions
  • Share button to some online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook

The main features offered by Canva are its 50,000 FREE templates created by professional designers as well as its impressive range of free stock photos.


User Experience

Canva empowers engaging ideas that are simple and fun to make even for professionals without design experience.

To get started on using Canva, you first need to create an account using your Facebook or Gmail user or sign in utilizing an email address. This step is to make sure that your projects are saved so you can log in and continue working on where you left.

Canva will also let you choose your type of user (teacher, student, personal, small business, large company, or non-profit or charity) to help them give you tailor-fit design templates.

Once logged in, you are taken to a dashboard which lets you select different options for graphic creations. You can use your dimensions or any of its free templates available. The higher quality layouts and templates requires a payment for you to access. The price per paid layout is $1 for users with free accounts.

The platform also gives you a high level of versatility and customization. You can add text, backgrounds and elements (doodles, photos, illustrations, graphics) to your design. Users can also apply their own set of images and photographs. Take note that all these actions can be performed through simple drag-and-drop functions.

Canva enables the creation of quality and stunning designs that takes very little amount of time from their users.


Customer Support

What are great features and user experience without an excellent customer service.

Don’t fret, Canva has a full customer support page that is also quick and easy for users to navigate to instantly find answers to their problems. This support button is available for both free and paid accounts. While free accounts have a self-serve type of customer service, Pro and Enterprise accounts have access to a customer support representative 24/7.

Pricing Overview

Canva has different membership tiers. Users can already get a lot of things done using the free account but the paid accounts offer more options that are significant in brand building and management.

The PRO account is great for small teams and business professionals who need more productivity and customization while the ENTERPRISE account is for large organizations that need to achieve advance brand and collaboration control.


Our Verdict

With growing testimonials and loyal users online, Canva has paved its name as one of the top tools for content designing online.

Its user-friendly features with its embedded drag-and-drop functionality has been the highlight for the not so tech-savvy and busy professionals. The vast availability of templates, layouts and even free stock photos are great highlights for every industry that needs adept brand contents. Moreover, its brand collaboration and sharing features are a big plus.

The pricing is fair and inexpensive considering the features it unlocks. Also, users can still access paid templates or photographs for the price of $1 each without having to commit to a payment plan.

Canva is intuitive to use and its templates are particularly impressive but it’s probably a better choice for small enterprises rather than big businesses that requires in-depth content editing tool. However, we must also take into consideration that Canva is an evolving platform, there might be more features suitable for large corporations soon.

Try CANVA now.



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