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Cushion Review : Peace of mind for freelancers

Cushion – Best Option for Tension Free Freelance Life

Are you a freelancer and looking for a tool that manages your schedule and stabilizes income? Then choose the Cushion project management app that makes it easy to track your projects and earnings. One of the biggest challenges a freelancer faces is managing projects and income. But with this app, you don’t have to worry because Cushion offers all the essential tools you need to embark on a tension-free freelance journey.

How Does Cushion Bring Peace of Mind to Freelancers?

Schedule Your Projects

Since Cushion visualizes your entire year’s schedule, you can plan each month accordingly. It saves you from engaging in too many projects at once. With this feature, you get an overview of the year. It helps you know when you’re available for new freelancing projects. Plus, it also tracks deadlines and delays.

Predict Your Income and Plan Accordingly

Cushion forecasts your income with invoices so that you differentiate where you stand from what you want to earn. This app tracks paid and approximate income. With this feature, you can set new goals. Don’t worry about currency conversion because it has support for over 100 currencies.

Look Like a Pro with Well-Designed Invoices

Cushion offers exceptional invoices that can get you paid from any client quickly. Templates of invoices are well-designed that you’ll look like a pro upon sending it to customers. This platform gives you an option to accept ACH payments with stripe or cards. Plus, you’ll get a notification instantly when the client views the invoice. To meet the requirements of freelancers from multiple countries, Cushion offers invoices translation to 20+ currencies.

Know Your Clients Tendencies

Cushion’s artificial intelligence helps you categorize clients based on their tendencies. These insights pave your way to make an excellent decision of whether to keep working with a specific client in the future or not.

Final Words:

Cushion is the one-stop solution for freelancers that helps them to visualize and manage their yearly projects with comfort. It is one of the best tools that help you organize your work, get paid on time, and makes your freelancing journey stress-free.


Writer : Kharal Hamxa.




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