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Digital Workshop: Creating and collaborating creatively online

Digital Workshop: Creating and collaborating creatively online

Event by Transit Kulturinkubator


How do we, as artists, create and collaborate on the other side of this pandemic? What can working remotely teach us about the conditions of creative work? What methods, programmes and guidelines can help us create in ways that transcend the boundaries of physical space?

Transit Kulturinkubator presents a brand new digital workshop which focuses on giving you as a participant concrete tools and tips for developing your creative processes, both individually and collaboratively, in digital and remote creative work.
Workshop leaders: Agnes Török, Alve Lindenbaum och Charlie Nelson Prag.

To participate in this workshop make sure to book your free ticket. After booking a ticket you will be sent a personal Zoom invite the day before the workshop.

Transit Kulturinkubator’s digital workshop is financed by The Swedish Arts Council and the Stockholm Region.

Photo: Binyam Berhane

More about the workshop leaders:
Agnes Török is a spoken word poet, author, project and course leader in the field of culture. They have performed on four continents, given two TED talks and published five books in two languages. Among their pedagogical roles, Agnes teaches Sustainable Career courses at the Ballet Academy and Stockholm University of the Arts, they are a pedagogical consultant for the Stockholm Music Education Institute, Spoken Word Pedagog at the Ordkanon Network, and artist and course leader at Transit Kulturinkubator.

Alve Lindenbaum is active as a playwright and screenwriter, educated at Alma Education and educated in web and visual communication. As a playwright, it dives into some of its’ favorite areas; structure, overview and coaching – to help the author find the right story for their vision. Alve is together with Theo Lindberg (Chimney) and WIFT the initiator of TNFN – Trans & Non-binary Film Network. The first international network for trans people in the film industry.

Charlie Nelson Prag (Transit Kulturinkubator) is an experienced freelancer in the performing arts and entertainment industry. She has a long background as a professional street dancer and choreographer, but has during the last 12 years mainly been working with production management and education within the performing arts field. The pandemic brought her to discover a passion for technology and digital transformation and has since the autumn of 2020 been working exclusively with online teaching, online creative processes and online artistic projects.


Date                                     :               Friday, 17 September 2021

Time                                     :               3 PM – 5 PM ( GMT +7 )

Book your free ticket here


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