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Flexgigzz Thanksgiving Design Competition

Flexgigzz Thanksgiving Design Competition

Create Thanksgiving card  and  win  $15*  on your Flexgigzz account

There are many things that you can be thankful and grateful. Share with us your story into card design and you can get the prize also being featured on Flexgigzz social media campaign.

How to

  • Design Thanksgiving card with topic ‘What Makes Me Feel Thankful’   you can use any kind of software. This contest is open for any body not only for graphic designer.
  • Size 940 x 788 pixel
  • Put Flexgigzz Logo on your card, you can use either white or black logo, the logo must can be seen clearly on the card
  • Post / upload your card on  Flexgigzz Facebook Group  Freelancer Flexgigzz, Or go to this link  https://www.facebook.com/groups/266116611371265
  • Write this caption on your posting

“What makes me feel thankful is ….. (fill with your answer)”,   Visit my  profile on (fill with your Flexgigzz profile link)

Example  :

What makes me feel thankful is my family, because we are always supporting each other. Visit my profile on https://www.flexgigzz.com/freelancer/almira-borras/

Deadline of Flexgigzz Thanksgiving Design Competition is 21 November 2021

The winner of the event competition will be contacted by Flexgigzz management team

Thanksgiving Design Competition

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Terms and Conditions :

  1. Competitions is from 5 November – 21 November 2021
  2. Latest posting 21 November 2021 on Flexgigzz Facebook Group
  3. This competition is for everybody not only for designers
  4. Participant may posting more than one cards/ design on Facebook  Group
  5. Design without Flexgigzz logo will be disqualified
  6. Posting caption without Flexgigzz profile link will be disqualified
  7. We will contact  the winner between 22-23 November
  8. *All administrative costs will be borne by the winner


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