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Freelance Problem Solving Event

About the Event 

A fortnightly, moderated group conversation on Zoom that explores the difficulties or questions that theatre Freelancers encounter.
Concerning this event
What exactly is it?

Freelance Problem Solving is an essential opportunity to discuss the challenges or questions you may be encountering as a freelancer and obtain suggestions, guidance, or support from your larger freelance community. It’s a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can interact with other freelancers to share knowledge, thoughts, and experience. In an industry where the rate of change can be rapid, the most useful knowledge and support is typically provided by your fellow

Freelance Problem Solving sharing

Perhaps you have a concern or a problem and are asking, “How do other freelancers cope with this?” We’ll put your query to the group and see what comes up. Even if you have nothing on your mind right now, we’d still like to see you. You can simply be present and listen in, or you can join the conversation and give your own ideas if you choose. A RPG is a fantastic way to connect and collaborate with your theatre community, whether you have a specific topic or simply want the ability to drop into a community of supportive peers as and when you need it.

Format Event

00-10 Introduction, understanding, and secrecy

10-15 In break out rooms, you can connect and communicate with other freelancers.

15-50 questions and observations

50-55 Breakout rooms for reflection

55-60 Finally, some thoughts


So what are you waiting for, register for this event now !

Date and Time

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

19:00 PM (GMT +7)

For registration and more information please click image below.

Freelance Problem Solving

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