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Freelance UX Design : The Complete Starter Kit

If you interested to be a freelancer as UX designer, then you must join this event. Freelance UX Design: The Complete Starter Kit webinar event.  You will know where to start it , the basic finding, planning and completing freelance UX jobs.  

About this event 

Freelance UX Design projects can be an awesome way to level up your skills, experience, and career.  It is also present a bunch of new challenges and questions. You don’t need to learn every lesson “the hard way”. Join us, and we’ll walk through some of the most important things. Things that you need to know to find, scope, and complete successful UX projects. 

Who is this for? 

This event is for people who interested in Freelance UX Design projects and  also UX Designers who are interested in pursuing freelance projects.


We’ll start by talking about how to identify the right freelance jobs.  It is a job  that will help you make some money, gain some experience, and help you excel in your UX career. 

Learn where to find these jobs, and how to leverage your personal and professional network to land your first gig. 

We’ll walk through the process of scoping out a job. We will discuss everything from timelines to expectations, contracts, and how to lead and facilitate meetings and goals with your clients. 

Get templates, resources, and simple guidelines to give you the tools and clarity you need to get started, with as little headache as possible 

We’ll also have time for lot’s of Q&A and sharing of past freelance jobs and experiences! 

This Event will be guided by Joe Formica, the  founder of Bitesize UX, Lead UX instructor at General Assembly NYC and senior User Experience designer.


Date and time

Thu, October 21, 2021

5:00 AM – 7:30 AM WIB

For registration and more information please click image below.


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