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HootSuite 2020 Review: Plan, Create, Schedule


Brand awareness is crucial to any enterprise, that is why businesses should capitalize on their social media presence.

Entrepreneurs, organizations, and personal profiles all run their voices and brand through social media channels. Therefore, it is important to ace your game when it comes to social media management, and to achieve this, you need a one-stop platform.

When you’re talking about first-rate social media management tools, the company HootSuite would come up. But that’s bound to happen – for a while now, businesses and individuals depend on it.

HootSuite is an excellent all-rounder in the social media management field. It offers a thorough program of advanced features to help businesses not only schedule posts but monitor trends and engage with their audience as well.

It was launched in 2008 and now supports multiple social networks: Facebook (pages, groups, and profiles), Twitter, Instagram (personal and business profiles), Pinterest, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), and YouTube channels. Now, it also supports Google My Business through its app directory.

If you want to know if HootSuite is the tool for you, our review down below might help.




HootSuite has a clear interface, convenient support, and an effective array of analytics tools.

If your business needs more functionality than aesthetics, this social media management tool has a lot to offer.

Here are its main features:

  • Social Network Integration – It connects over 35 social networks
  • Social Listening – Monitor social media networks through its built-in monitoring tool called My Industry
  • Content Planning – Calendar or post planner view, see scheduled or rejected contents, drafts and for approval
  • Publishing and Scheduling Posts – Get and instant preview of how the post will look and tweak when needed
  • HootSuite Analytics -Provides audience insights, influencer recommendations, and hints for optimal publishing times
  • Social Inbox and Engagement – Track incoming direct messages and respond to them via the inbox
  • WordPress Integration – Install Hootsuite’s separate WordPress integration from the app directory



Ease of Use

Hootsuite’s account set-up process is straightforward, with multiple hints and tips to help users find the most important features. The account walk-through is explained in commonsense language and there is a support option available on every page.

The interface is highly accessible and, although it is not as slick as some others in its desktop incarnation, there is an intuitive mobile app available for iOS and Android.

The Hootlet Chrome extension also allows account holders to post content from any page on the Web, which is a very handy function.


For entreprenuers and small business owners just starting with social scheduling, Hootsuite pricing is great. There’s a free plan where you can manage three social media accounts and schedule up to 30 pieces of social media content in advance.

To access more features and added privileges, here are paid plans that you can try.


Hootsuite’s technical support is pretty much ubiquitous across the platform.

Hootsuite’s support team is accessible through their social media accounts and the Feedback button on every page.

The help center has a handy search function and it contains articles about major updates to the platform.

The support team can also be reached through dedicated pages on Facebook and Twitter. This is Hootsuite’s preferred way to manage queries and it does not offer a support phone number across the site.

For urgent issues, social media is the most effective way to reach the Hootsuite support team.


Our Verdict

Hootsuite provides highly effective social media management tools in an accessible platform that connects with an impressive list of partner technologies. Its name is synonymous with ‘social media software’ and, while younger rivals can provide flashier features, Hootsuite has the advantage of the many third-party integrations it has built up over the years.

Given how quickly the social media landscape changes, this does help to future-proof Hootsuite. As new developments arise, new partners will offer apps through Hootsuite to help you take advantage. This makes Hootsuite an ideal social media management tool for self-serve customers who want to customize the platform to their own ends.

A strong all-rounder

Hootsuite delivers on the core facets of social media management very well, with connections to a huge variety of social networks. It is one of the best-known tools in digital marketing and has an enviable list of top-tier clients.

It can provide excellent value for those that know what they need, but costs do escalate for businesses that sign up at a lower level and later realize they have to upgrade.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one social media dashboard, Hootsuite’s still an excellent choice. The free plan offers real value, and even Hootsuite Professional won’t break the bank.


With HootSuite, social is your superpower.


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