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Running a Freelance Online Service Business

About The Event

This course is for you if you’re beginning in a Freelance Online Service or service-based business, or if you have an established business that you want to migrate online.More than ever, it is critical to safeguard your company with a strategy that allows you to make income online. Businesses that can operate both online and offline will thrive in the current atmosphere.

What You Need to Know about Freelance Online Service Business

This workshop will go over the main points you’ll need to think about Freelance Online Service, such as:

  • Business knowledge and strategy for the realm of online commerce
  • Making a basic business strategy
  • Marketing and sales techniques that are easy to implement
  • Links, tools, and resources that help you manage a freelance or consulting business.
  • By the end of the course, you will have a plethora of new possibilities, ideas, and practical information to help you take your internet business to the next level.

Speaker of the Event

Kay Kukoyi CSM FITOL is a software delivery specialist, coach for global digital startups, author, speaker, and lecturer. She is the author of five books for SMEs and entrepreneurs, including the Amazon international best-sellers Develop Your Idea! and Don’t Hire a Software Developer Until You Read This Book. She has most recently mentored SMEs with Goldsmiths, University of London as part of the DEK Business Growth Programme.


Date and Time

Thursday, 25 November 2021

7:00 PM (GMT +7)

For registration and more information please click image below.

Freelance Online Service

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