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Self-Branding for Freelancers

Learn to create your own brand and use it effectively to boost your freelance business 

Event organized by TRANSLIT Pro.

About this event

Who is this webinar for :
This webinar is for freelancers who would like to create, develop and use effectively their own brand with the view of expanding and promoting their business. While the webinar uses a freelance interpreter as an example, freelancers in other fields will find it useful, too.

Why you need to attend this webinar
Every person is not just a set of skills and competencies, but a special combination of characteristics and aspects of unique value. The world has come to understand this, yet many of us are not fully capable of communicating the information on our specific value to others. It’s time we change it and start working on a powerful tool – your personal brand.

What you will learn at this webinar
To start you on the journey to building and utilising your personal brand, we offer this free webinar where we get to learn about the following:
– What personal brand actually is and how you can start working on it;
– What steps you need to take to move from ‘I’m great’ to ‘I’m great and I know exactly why’
– Actual techniques on how to start defining own value and presenting it clearly to the world, including your clients

The main outcome of the webinar :
You will learn not only the theory of building your personal brand, but also practice doing so during the webinar, and will receive a list of questions you need to address to continue the brand-building work at home. A great bonus is also going to be provided to those who stay till the end and express a strong will in growing as a brand!

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Your Presenter:
Irina Sergeeva, TRANSLIT HR Manager
Irina is a Psychologist, Certified Coach and a Business Visualisation Practitioner with a lot of experience in teaching, coaching and HR.
Throughout her professional experience, Irina consulted business owners, employees and other clients seeking to improve their professional or personal life. Irina’s background has allowed her to develop an in-depth approach to providing unique coaching solutions for her clients.
Irina enjoys the challenge of helping those who work as freelancers. She believes that freelancers need a totally different approach because they constantly face unexpected challenges due to the unpredictability of their business.

Testimonials :

“Well planned. You obviously took time to prepare, research, practice and present this in an efficient, clear manner” – Webinar attendee
“The webinar was great, it was a nice experience joining your webinar, thanks!” – Webinar attendee

Date and time :
Fri, 24 September 2021

4 PM – 5 PM ( GMT +7 )

Find more details and register here.


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