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Sketchnotes and social media marketing for freelancers ONLINE

Join this workshop and learn how to draw sketchnotes & get marketing tips!
Topic : Sketchnotes and social media marketing for freelancers ONLINE
Event by : Bizzuals & Jenny Bjorklof

About this event

Discover how to use sketchnotes to sell your freelance services differently and communicate more effectively.


  • Intro to sketchnotes (for absolute beginners)
  • Learn how to draw basic icons. No, you don’t need to know how to draw!
  • Social Media Marketing tips for freelancers; real-life, practical and easy ways for how to differentiate and sell your services as a freelancer + networking with fellow participants
  • Applications for sketchnotes: social media profiles, posts, portfolio/proposals, meetings and presentations, articles and blog posts…
  • Exercise; Use sketchnotes to apply what you have learned,
  • Set up your very own sketchnotes challenge
  • Wrap up & Check out

This workshop is for:

  • All kinds of freelancers & independent professionals; photographers, designers, IT specialists, marketers, salespeople, admins, business consultants, coaches, trainers…
  • You don’t need to know how to draw, this workshop is suitable for all beginners

What’s included in the ticket price:

  • Half a day interactive online workshop with a small group of participants (max 10 people)
  • Apply what you learn directly
  • Starterset with a notebook including icons + 2 markers (worth 25€) sent to your home address in Belgium. In case you live outside of Belgium we will contact you about potential extra delivery costs.
  • Networking with fellow freelancers (priceless – this can lead to all kinds of opportunities)
  • Session documentation (notes and images)
  • 1 time 15% reduction voucher to buy visualization stuff at Neuland
  • Accountability – publish your creations and get 1-to-1 feedback by the trainers and peers
  • Follow up moment

Sketchnotes benefits for freelancers:

Use self-drawn pictogramsfigures and graphic elements to:

  • Create outstanding social media profiles and posts
  • Add on portfolio and proposals
  • Sell yourself and your services in more interactive presentations
  • Spice up articles and blog posts
  • It’s a good basis for more advanced applications such as e.g explainer videos
  • As a BONUS, you will also be able to take better notes, increase retention and share your knowledge in a more visual way in everything you do in life.

Previous participants say:

“You learn a lot, that the workshop starts with the basic, consists of good exercises. It is also easily accessible, you don’t need a “drawing skill”.

“Practical, well explained, very useful”

Your trainers:

Marketing Expert Jenny Bjorklof & Global Bikablo Visualization Trainer Koen De keersmaecker

Koen De keersmaecker believes that working visually is essential for freelancers to survive in a VUCA world. Koen is a senior enterprise transformation coach, global bikablo © visualization trainer and founder of Bizzuals.

Koen is a visual facilitator and storyteller, visual trainer and visual consultant. He has worked for companies like ING, SD Worx, KPMG, Team ProSource and Proximus. He has used sketchnotes in his day to day work and has noticed the impact this style of communication has.

Jenny Bjorklof is the co-founder and community manager of the Freelancers in Belgium communities with more than 8000 members combined and a LinkedIn trainer.

By working with freelancers and as a freelancer herself she has learned that getting and keeping the attention of clients is getting more and more difficult.

Through sketch notes, she has found a way to stand out. She uses sketchnotes personally for social media content and running better meetings.

Date and time

Friday, October 15, 2021

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM WIB ( GMT+7 )

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