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Slack Review: Where Collaboration Happens

About Slack

According to Capterra, 77% of the Fortune 100 uses Slack. This 2013 startup is now as close to a business staple and claiming over 10 million daily active users.

Slack is a cloud-based team interaction and project collaboration tool that caters to diverse industries such as financial, media, retail, and research among others. It is designed to facilitate communication across organizations.

Is Slack your next team collaboration software? Check out our review below.

Main Features

Its key features incorporate real-time messaging, archiving, and intelligent search functionalities but it includes more than that. With Slack you can also:

  • Build public channels for members across organizations to start conversations
  • Create Private channels to enable interaction within smaller teams
  • Form Direct channels to help send messages directly to colleagues
  • Incorporate feeds from social media into the application
  • Share files (documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and images) via drag and drop
  • Upload and download of up to 1 GB of files
  • Archive messages, notifications, files, and projects, all of which can be searched for later
  • Automate routine actions with their workflow builder tools
  • Customize notifications and reduce their scope
  • Access securely encrypted transfer data

Slack redesigned its search module earlier in the year 2019 and users report that the software is now more intuitive, intelligent, and useful. Typing out any keyword automatically generates recommended results and if this does not suffice, the user can explore further matches.

This online collaboration tool Never Slacks.


Slack has a free option and paid plans: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid.

Slack Free

  • Access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages
  • 10 integrations with other apps like Google Drive, Office 365 and many more
  • 1:1 voice and video calls between teammates

Slack Standard

All the benefits of Free, and:

  • The full context of your organization’s message history at your fingertips
  • Timely info and actions in one place with unlimited integrations
  • Face-to-face communication with group voice and video calls of up to 15 teammates
  • Secure collaboration with outside organizations or guests from within Slack

Slack Plus

All the goodness of Standard, and:

  • Advanced identity management through SAML-based SSO and real-time Active Directory sync with OneLogin, Okta, and Ping
  • Compliance requirements met with corporate exports for all messages
  • Around-the-clock teamwork and assistance with 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support with a four-hour response time

Slack Enterprise Grid

All the greatness of Plus, and:

  • Peace of mind with enterprise-grade security and compliance, including Enterprise Key Management and HIPAA support
  • Large scale collaboration and alignment with support for up to 500,000 users
  • Streamlined administration with centralized controls and customizable policies
  • Tailored support with a designated account and customer success team


Our Verdict

There’s plenty to love about Slack. This software makes communication not only easier, but better. You and your team just need to know when and how to use it. Having a searchable history of our colleagues’ communication is our favorite. We can find the data in an instant and saves us a lot of time rediscussing certain projects. The customizable notifications of Slack is a big plus for our productivity and efficiency.

Onboarding this software is simple and quick, any new members can adapt easily to the model. Its versatile nature makes it a fantastic option for entrepreneurs, small to business enterprises, and even large organizations.

However, you have to make a lot of customizations to keep Slack neat and in order. It also costs more than other alternatives (Flock, Zoho Cliq, Glip).

Have you used Slack before? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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