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The business of freelancing: Contracts and rates

About this event

As a freelancer how do you sets the rate ? Create your own platform? Diversify your clients? business of freelancing sometimes tricky. You can make money a lot from that but the struggle also real. You need strategy to set the rate and how you differentiate yourself among other freelancers.

Join Tim Herrera, author and former editor of The New York Times’s Smarter Living, and panel of experts for a discussion on building a sustainable — and lucrative — freelance business. On this event you will get insight about business of freelancing. This event will discuss about your freelance contract, set up rate and platforms that you can try.

Contract and Rate The business of freelancing

Set up the rate and contract are two main problems of freelancing. You want to have fair rate right ? if possible as a business owner of your freelance service you want get profit. you can join this event how to sets the rate and contract for freelancer. Because business of freelancing also need pricing strategy.

So are you ready for freelancing ? you can join this event for free. Mark the date and register now !

Date and Time

Monday, 25th October2021

02:00 AM WIB (GMT +7)

For registration and more information please click image below.



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