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Turn your Freelancing into Creative Agency

Do you want to grow your freelance business and eventually open an creative agency? Many freelancers  eager to turn their freelancing business into an agency.  All you need to do is learn  from the experienced one. On this event you will get knowledge from the experienced freelancer who has turned  the freelancing into  a business  by having creative agency.

Cecilia Righini  the founder of Studio Lutalica, a feminist and queer design and consultation agency (@studiolutalica), did just that.  That’s why you  will get insight from  person that already going through the hassle and obstacles. So,  it will easier to you  to start an agency business. You will  avoid the mistakes  that she did and  focus on the opportunities ahead.

Cecilia began their career as a freelance graphic designer and design manager before moving on to run a creative agency with a team of fifteen.

They have been featured on Adobe Live and have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading colleges. We will be covering the following topics with Cecilia:

  • Best practices for launching a profitable creative studio
  • What to look for (and what not to look for) when employing other freelancers
  • Pitfalls of transitioning from a solitary freelancer to a creative agency

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Date and Time

Tue , 28 June  2022

17:00  PM BST

For registration and more information please click image below.

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