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Freelance Writer Life, Is It For Me ?

About This Event

Do you interested in freelance writing and in citizen journalism? Join this online event to know more about it. The event of is the freelance writer life for me? will explain what you need to know about living as a freelance writer and editor.

Understand The Freelance Writer Life

This event is presented by The Houston Pro chapter and the Sam Houston State University campus chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. In this online event you will have the opportunity to join a panel discussion with writers and editors. The key speakers are the people who know the business inside and out.

So whether you are a student, fresh graduate, early career, or just want to change your career you can join this event. Get the insight life experience about the freelance writer business so you can decide.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

7:00 – 8:00 AM WIB (GMT +7)

For registration and more information please click image below.

Freelance Writer Life

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