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Using social selling to land new freelance clients

Are you a freelancer looking for additional work or new freelance clients?  Social selling could be just what you’re looking for.

Do you want to get more  new freelance clients? Social selling could be just what you’re looking for.

Join us for Sophie Barnes’ newest Digital Nomad lecture, How to Use Social Selling to Land More Clients.

Speaker of This Social Selling to Land New Freelance clients Event :

Sophie is Workday’s Senior Marketing and Digital Programme Manager. She’s giving all of her best marketing and social media strategies from a decade of experience.

What You will discover on this event :

  • What is social selling and how can it be used to establish relationships and gain new clients?
  • How to Create an Authentic Personal Brand for Your Business
  • Sophie’s expertise and suggestions for aspiring freelancers

Make sure to join us live to ask Sophie questions and participate in our Q&A session

This is our most recent free lecture from The Digital Nomad Project, a non-profit dedicated to assisting young people in becoming successful digital freelancers.

Save your place for this FREE event

Date and Time

Tue , 21 June  2022

17:00  PM BST

For registration and more information please click image below.

Freelance Smarter

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