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Working with Freelance Visual Artists

Artist Freelancers are an important part of the culture sector. It’s important to understand responsibilities of working with freelancers.

About this event :

Freelancers, or self-employed contractors, are an important part of the sector. It’s important for any organisation to properly understand the responsibilities and distinctions of working with freelancers. Getting this wrong puts your business at risk and may perpetuate poor practices. Artists Union England’s (AUE) Good Practice Charter (GPC) and AUE Rates of Pay guidance set benchmarks for artists’ working conditions and obligations, and are tools for both artists and organisations working with artists to use.

This factual session has been designed to help you understand what constitutes sound practices for working with freelancers, including:

• Understanding freelancing, and why it matters: the risks to your business, and what individuals may be missing out on if you get this wrong

• What defines freelancing

• What freelancers are responsible for

• What the hiring business is responsible for

• How to distinguish between freelancing and fixed-term employment

This session is ideal for arts organisations and visual freelance artists.

This training is a collaboration with Creative and Cultural Skills & Artists Union England.

Date and time

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

18:00 – 19:30 WIB (GMT +7)

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