Finance for freelancers: know what to consider

Finance for freelancers: know what to consider

If you are self-employed you need to pay even more attention to the accounts, as the finances for freelancers tend to have some peculiarities. To begin with, especially if you are a freelancer, it is natural that earnings vary widely. And organizing the budget is critical to get started. 

First, have a spreadsheet of expenses and income. Put in it all expenses and fixed earnings and also note the variables month by month. From there, you can replace or cut expenses that are not needed. 

Separating personal and company or work accounts is another important point. The ideal is to have an account for individuals and another account for companies. Some companies even require this business account to make payments. 


Beware of bank charges


In this scenario, evaluate the services and products offered by fintechs. Currently it is possible to have a PJ account and a credit card without spending anything. When it comes to organizing finances for freelancers , not spending idly is essential. 

Likewise, be sure to look at the fees charged frequently. Many people forget to do this and end up paying things without knowing it. For example, insurance that you didn’t even ask for.


Consider insurance on your finances for freelancers


But speaking of insurance, it is very important for freelancers and freelancers to evaluate if it would be worth having them, after all, unforeseen events happen and if there is no budget to cover it becomes more difficult. 

There are, for example, life insurance that can be for life, temporary, redeemable or for survival. They can guarantee financial means for you and your family in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

According to Bernardo Castello, director of Bradesco Vida e Previdência, life insurance should be seen as a contract that enables the acquisition of assets to be converted into protection in the future. “Although it is not legally considered an inheritance, it can be perceived in this way, insofar as it guarantees beneficiaries the receipt of an amount that can make a big difference in their lives”, he explains.

In addition, for those who are self-employed, it is possible to hire coverage for a Temporary Disability Rate (DIT) if, for example, an accident occurs that distances you from your activities. 

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Use cards and share carefully


Another finance tip for freelancers is to be very careful with debt. When the revenue is not usually fixed, even more attention is needed when using a credit card or making installments. This can prevent a lot of headaches. If possible, pay cash or control future expenses. 

Likewise, have an emergency reserve that guarantees any unforeseen events. Among the finance tips for freelancers and freelancers is saving more money when more money comes in. Do not wait for leftovers, just save a little as soon as the amount enters the account.

According to the Meu Bolso em Dia team, a portal created by Febraban, the emergency reserve must have three to 12 times the money you need to live. That is, if your family spends R $ 3,000 per month, you must plan to have a reserve of at least R $ 9,000. This, of course, can be done gradually. Just keep the frequency to save money, even a little at a time.


Investing is also something that should be part of finance for freelancers


Finally, in addition to the emergency reserve , it is important to think about investing. The more money saved and invested, the better for those who work autonomously. According to Febraban’s Meu Bolso em Dia portal, to choose a suitable application for unforeseen events, consider those with better returns, but mainly that have liquidity, that is, that you can redeem the money at any time without financial losses. 


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