Four alternatives to look for work in times of pandemic

Four alternatives to look for work in times of pandemic

Since the isolation measures began due to the effects of the situation, which suggested that work at home was possible, several companies managed to move their processes to virtuality and thus rescue the jobs. This is how teleworking is now the labor reality of about 47 thousand people in the country. However, there were those who did not suffer the same fate and now face unemployment.

For the month of June 2020, DANE registered a national unemployment rate of 19.8%, which meant an increase of 10.4 percentage points compared to the same month of the previous year, which registered 9.4%. According to the same report, the unemployed population increased by two million. In May 2019 there were talk of 2.6 million, and this year, in the same month there were 4.6 million.

Therefore, on the internet there is a wide range of platforms, which aim to show different available job offers. We mention a few.

This platform is dedicated to freelance work, that is, to those who work independently and remotely on their own. It is one of the largest in Latin America. There are about 3 million freelancers working through this platform and more than 600,000 entrepreneurs, companies, SMEs and different actors in search of professionals.

Those who wish to use this platform must complete the registration and create their freelancer profile, describing their knowledge, specialties and showing their portfolio. The next step is to navigate between the projects proposed by the companies and apply to the one that best suits their interests and capabilities.
Once you decide to apply, the platform gives you the option of negotiating with the client for the payment and setting the delivery dates.

On the other hand, the platform manages a system that guarantees payment. Once a deal is completed, the client deposits the money in Workana, and this makes the disbursement once the agreed work is delivered. Most of the clients are SMEs and Startups that want to grow their company, making it an ideal space for creativity and good ideas.

It is a platform that is also focused on freelancers, but in this there are some key requirements such as having a basic level of English. On this site it is more common to find international clients who are targeting Spanish-speaking audiences. There are proposals for all kinds of professions, however, there is a great inclination for digital matters such as: network management, content production, marketing, design, administration, programming, etc.

As in the previous option, those who are interested must comply with a prior registration that includes their profile and portfolio, and once they are admitted by the platform, they can start applying to the offers that interest them.
They also have a payment method that guarantees security for both parties and can handle payments in dollars or euros, it all depends on the client who hires the service.

We Connect
This tool has the particularity of offering job alternatives that are becoming more complex and scarce today. This network capitalizes on knowledge by providing a job opportunity with this channel, which allows you to manage contacts.
The network is an ally of Davinci Technologies, an innovation company, and allows those who become part of the team to help generate a connection between Davinci and the companies under their charge, achieving a multiplying result in two ways.

Since its inception in 2002, it has been oriented to business and business use, as a wide showcase to offer and search for employment. Within its functions, it allows each user to show their portfolio and professional profile, adding data such as studies, work experience and certifications. It also allows you to receive and make visible job reviews of former workplaces.

The network has a section specifically for ‘jobs’, in this space they will ask for a series of data among which they must specify their knowledge, studies, position to which they aspire, city, among others. Once you complete these steps, the job offers that suit your search will appear. This tool is useful even for students who are looking for internships or professional practices. LinkedIn will save your preferences and suggest jobs to you as the calls appear.


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