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What is hacking?

This 2021 era is the technologies era and most of the things we do these days with the help of technologies. Only a few things we do manually. So let me tell you one thing very clear and that is every possible technology possible to hack. When the owner lost control of his device and some other people take control of the device by coding or with the help of some programming that is called hacking and if it’s a phone so it’s called phone hacking. So this generation hacking became a very common thing and so many people do it for so many reasons. Hacking is a very bad thing in the world and sometimes it is the worst.

So we have to learn how to save ourselves from hackers and we also have to learn which things help the hackers to hack us or which mistakes create the opportunity for hackers to hack us down. Later in this article, i will tell you some very effective ways to save your phone from hacking. So this a hacking and there are some different kinds of hackers. Some hackers will hack you down very badly and some may leave some way to get back your data and some people will just make you scared. So in this technology era, we use a lot of devices so we must know about hacking and the medicine of hacking. Stay tuned, because we have just begun and i will tell you more about this. Just keep reading.

What is Phone Hacking?

These days millions of people use phones. Some use backdated phones and some use smartphones. In this case, smartphones give us some extra security. Also, those big brand companies phone give us big security trust. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Redmi, Hawaii, etc. These companies launch year new models and extraordinary phones. So the whole world trusts them and uses their phones very easily. We, people, spent hours of time in a day by using phones and these days video games is very popular you know, so young generation people maybe spent 8+ hours in a day on phone. So everything could be fine if this happens that we will use phones and nothing is going to happen to us.

If i say a millionaire could be the poor man in a night because of his phone, would you trust me? It’s possible by hacking. Hackers can hack your phone and they can steal information from your phone and they will use it against you as their weapon. Yes, a hacker can easily hack your phone and it doesn’t matter you’re using a smartphone or any other phone. But hacking a smartphone for a hacker is easier than hacking a backdated phone. In 2021 we use android very fast and superphone. We can install apps on our phone and we can play games, we can watch videos of very high quality and we can do a lot of things with our phone.

Pro-level hackers can hack this type of smartphone in a minute. Some hackers will target you first and then will follow every day and your regular life activity and they will find out a way to hack your smartphone. And the pro-level hacker doesn’t do anything like this they just directly attack and hack. So this is how phones getting hacked this day and we poor people can’t do anything about this. But you can do a lot of good things and i will tell you in this article, so just keep continue.

Why do hackers hack your phone?

So now you know that your phone could get hack too, but the question is how it is possible or how they do it? Hacker makes many traps for us and out of their multiple traps we step up without knowing anything. So how do they possibly hack your phone and some big way here below:

Clicking on ads: These days what we do with our phones is use the internet. If we play online video games so we just need to open our internet connection and then we play games. In the case of using social media and web browsing from phone and international calling for everything, we need a good internet connection. When you play video games sometimes you can see some ads show by the app company and for some reason, we click on the add and we land another pager from the app. Sometimes it’s real and you will land a safe page but when it will be a trap after clicking on the link the hacker makes a loophole and he’ll hack your device very easily and until you will understand your device is hacked he’ll steal all your important data. So don’t click on unknown ads.

Via fake email: Email is a Google service that we people use and it’s very important. Without an email address, you will be almost unable to use everything from Google. If you are a Google user and an android user so you must have to get an email address. When we buy a new phone we use so many apps and there are some very useful apps for Hack A Phones and people download them from the Google play store. And when you will try to visit the Google play store you need to sign in to your email account and if you don’t have one you need to create one. So the question is how do hackers going to hack my phone via email?

When you put your email address to your social media account or some other places and most of the people put email for business reasons and from there hacker target your email address. They will start to send you a fake email address. Emails like you won some jackpot, you won $10,000 claim your money and lot more like this and there will be a clickable link and there will be an instruction like click on the link to claim your money and if you click on the link your device or your phone will be on the hacker control. Simply you hacked. I know Google security is very high level and a hacker can’t hack you directly because email security is also very higher level. So they take you outside the email address by clicking links and then they hack you.

So don’t click on any unknown links in your email address.

The help of the virus: It is possible to hack you with the help of a virus and professional hackers have their own powerful virus and with that virus, they can do anything. Not every hacker doesn’t have the same virus. Everyone makes something different than one another and they use it on people’s phones. So how do they make a hacking virus, they do some coding and they make it very powerful, and sometimes poor hackers hire a hacker and buy some virus.. So how do they hack your phone with this virus? Sometimes we connected our phone with another phone for file transfer and maybe data using with the hotspot and that way they put the virus to your phone and they start hacking your phone.

Or maybe sometimes we go to a mobile phone shop and we buy movies, cartoons, and funny videos and how do we get this to our phone, if you have a good phone so you take by Bluetooth or we use a mobile phone data cable. After getting the thing that you are looking for you simply remove the cable and check what you got. And simply you won’t be able to see the virus, because most of the time it shows invisible. So don’t put your phone on any unknown computer or don’t use other people’s data cable.

I don’t know you saw something like this or not but sometimes people ask for your phone to make a call and we people give our phone to another person whom we never know, hackers will make an excuse and they will get the phone from you and somehow try to put the virus to your phone. So don’t give your phone to anyone and if you think you should help so keep an eye on that person and simply take your phone from them.

Public WIFI: We are always hungry for the internet and if we get a free internet connection so it’s like the cherry on the cake. And for marketing reasons restaurants and hotels give their customers free Wi-Fi connections. So don’t just connect your phone with any unknown Wi-Fi. Because via free Wi-Fi hackers can hack your phone.

How do you know your phone getting hacked?

Here is the big question when you are getting hacked so how do you understand your phone hacked? So many people never figure out how they hacked. If you do not understand so how do you stop those damn hackers? There are a few ways to understand while your phone hacking continues. When you use your phone normally that time your phone work normally but when someone will hack it or if someone already hacked it so your phone will work very weirdly. I mean it could hang or it will work very slowly without any reason. You know better what you did to your phone but if you didn’t do anything so why does your phone work like this so this is how you can understand someone hacking your phone.

Another way is your phone will overheat. You use your phone regularly but it’s never heated but if you saw or find out you are not using your phone but your phone getting overheated it means your phone working from inside and someone hacking it. So in this way, you can also figure out your phone under the hacker’s control. So you can track this two-way your phone every day.

How to save your phone from hacking?

A phone is a very important device for everyone and there are so many reasons why a phone is very valuable to all of us. If you connect your phone to your bank account so you can control your bank account from your phone. How much money you used and how much money you left to your account and there so many advantages and this is why this day most of the people connecting their bank account to their phone.

So just imagine if your phone was hacked so your bank account money could all be gone. Without that business, people put their business details on their phone and sometimes they control the business from the phone. So if you hacked your all business and personal data will a hand of a hacker. So it’s very important to save your phone damn hackers. So here are some ways to fight back to those damn hackers:

1. If you have a doubt about your phone getting hacked so change all your password.

2. Never click on any unknown and fake email clickable links.

3. Don’t use unknown apps.

4. Use your phone what is only important.

5. A phone is a very personal thing so don’t just give it to anyone.

6. Don’t share data via any unknown data cable from anywhere, use only what is only yours.

7. Don’t use public Wi-Fi connection.

8. Don’t visit spam websites.

End: At the end of this article i’m going to say a few very important things. A phone is very important to us and doesn’t just use it like a freak. Maintain all the security and use your phone so nobody can’t hack you and you can use your phone without any trouble. This article doesn’t mean everyone going too hacked but you can also be one of them so why not take it seriously. Don’t ruin your life only because of a few simple mistakes.


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