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Crafting words that captivate and inspire

Project: Social Media Content Creation
Objective: Increase brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms
Target audience: Men and women, ages 18-45, interested in outdoor activities and adventure sports
Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Key topics: Hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking
Tone: Exciting, adventurous, and inspiring
Type of content: Short-form captions, long-form posts, stories, and reels
Frequency: 3-5 posts per week per platform
Timeline: 3 months
Budget: $1000 per month


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English Language Tutor

  •  The menistry of education
  •  May 2023 - May 2023

• Provided language instruction to students of all levels.
• Developed lesson plans and created teaching materials to improve students' language skills and fluency.

Freelance Content Writer

  •  Jan 2021 - May 2023

• Conducted extensive research on various topics to create high-quality content for clients.
• Crafted engaging and informative articles on topics such as sustainable living, eco-friendly products, and outdoor activities.
• Ensured accuracy and consistency of content by verifying sources and fact-checking information.
• Collaborated with clients to understand their specific content needs and provided tailored content that met their requirements.
• Maintained strict adherence to deadlines and provided timely delivery of content.

Translation Intern

  •  Tawfiq
  •  May 2023 - May 2023

• Assisted senior translators with translating and proofreading various documents, including contracts, press releases, and financial reports.
• Conducted research on industry-specific terminology and trends to ensure accurate translations.


Master of Arts in Multilingual and Interdisciplinary Translation,

  •  Moulay Ismail University
  •  Jan 2018 - Jan 2020