Freelancers with a technological profile increase their volume of work in the midst of a crisis

Freelancers with a technological profile increase their volume of work in the midst of a crisis

Although freelancers are self-employed, little by little they are practically managing to become a group with their own entity with characteristics that differentiate them from other profiles such as entrepreneurs and businessmen , although deep down all freelancers are also an entrepreneur who is in charge of their deal.

That these professionals are different is something that we have been verifying in recent years. Most of them are pioneers in teleworking and they already applied it when employed workers did not even imagine what that was. In addition, they are fully up to date in terms of digitization . The result is a group that is particularly resistant to crises and has positioned itself as one of the strongest as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

While many freelancers and companies were not prepared to work from home and have seen their income drop significantly in recent months, freelancers have been much less affected by the situation, as shown by different studies that have been carried out out on this topic.

Freelancer as entrepreneur

Freelancers resist the crisis

The study “Post-Covid: How Freelancers Contribute to the Companies of the Future” has highlighted that one in four highly qualified freelancers lost an average of 50% of their income during the toughest months of the pandemic. However, 22% emphasize that for them the incidence of this problem has been lower and many have even seen their situation improve

They have not only endured better, they also recover earlier. Industry experts point out that although freelancers have experienced a halt in their activity, after the return to normal most of them have been able to resume their projects as normal and are even now with a greater workload .

The technological profile is the most demanded

Self-employed workers who have opted for technology and digitization have proven to have a great competitive advantage over the rest. Not only have they been able to work normally even in the most difficult circumstances, but they have also managed to become the most sought-after professionals by companies.

Many freelancers work in the B2B sector , offering their services to other professionals or companies, and now they find that their clients need their services more than ever . And we are fully entering an era in which digital is going to become the absolute protagonist of the business world.

Freelancer’s items

Within the technology sector we can find professionals with very different profiles: web designers, SEO experts, digital marketing professionals, copywriters, graphic designers, cybersecurity experts, app developers, etc.

Most of them foresee that their work volume will grow in the coming months , now that companies have finally realized how important digital transformation is and adopt viable ways of working and selling products or services. even in situations as complex as a confinement of the population.

A recent study by the Freelancer platform entitled “Fast 50 Jobs” highlighted that the most demanded freelance profiles in the third quarter of 2019 were those related in one way or another to technology. Among them were data analysts, virtual assistants, Office specialists, specialists in editing and production of texts, transcriptionists and translators.

With the arrival of the coronavirus, the data for this year will surely be somewhat different, but what is clear is that all the profiles that will occupy the top positions among the most demanded freelancers will be linked in one way or another with technology.

A group that continues to grow and grow

The collective of freelance workers is no longer the future but the present, and it is now more than ever when we are being aware of its importance.

A study carried out by LinkedIn has shown that in 1989 in the United States only 6% of the workforce was freelance, while in 2020 it is expected to reach 43%. In fact, the number could rise, as this data predates the coronavirus pandemic.

In Spain, the number of people who work on their own in charge of their business is not so high, but for quite some time now self-employment has emerged as the best solution to curb high unemployment rates . Hence, in recent years different aids and subsidies for the self-employed and measures that encourage registration with the RETA, such as the flat rate for the self-employed, have been launched.

Group of women freelancers

Here the average freelance profile is somewhat different from that of other countries. Most of the people who choose to work in this way are either young people who do not find a fit in the labor market, or people who have overcome the barrier of 40 years and have a difficult time finding work.

But this does not mean that everyone is freelance by “necessity”, for most the choice of this form of work is something totally conscious and voluntary , since it allows them greater flexibility when it comes to taking advantage of their time and gives them the opportunity to get more out of their talent by working on what they like and collaborating only on projects that are of interest to them .

This means that within the freelance group we meet highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, who are strongly committed to continuous training and are aware that they themselves are their best investment .

Therefore, the forecast is that in the future the number of professionals who choose freelance work will continue to increase. Especially as robots have more presence in the labor market and companies need more and more specialized profiles.

While salaried workers seem to have gotten a bit stuck in this regard, freelancers are already preparing for what is to come.


Source: Merca2

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