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Freelancing Hacks to Get the Money (Invoicing) From Clients

Being a freelancer not only need your skill to succeed and learning online new skill to upgrade. It is also the ability to manage invoicing to keep your business going smooth without troubles from the financial side, or frustration from the client-side. So, here are the freelancing hacks to get the money (invoicing) from clients.  

Using invoicing tools or service  

When preparing invoices for your clients, choosing good invoicing software is the first thing you need to do. There is plenty of invoicing software on the market that will help you create compelling invoices, so you definitely don’t have to think about choosing the right one. Part of the software for invoicing is paid for, while others are free.



Set up policies 

After working for a client, it is common to want to be paid. However, not all consumers pay on time in the real world. As a freelancer, you can meet persistent customers who pay half the price and then vanish. Even some of your customers would refuse to pay you. 

You need to come up with payment policies to mitigate the incidence of such situations. The following considerations should be included in your invoicing policy: 

  • What payment mode will you use – cash, checks, or credit cards? 
  • How much should the client pay as a down payment? 
  • Will you begin the work without any payments? 
  • How many days will you wait before the client pays? 
  • Are you going to impose penalties for late payments? 
  • When will the client receive the final work – before or after making payments? 

Think about your charges 

The first pricing rule   is never to undercharge. It is so real. Your costs need to be compatible with those of your rivals. In order to draw buyers, do not dare to quote lower rates. 

The explanation is that you are more likely to draw cheap customers who offer you long and boring jobs and then disappear without even paying a penny if you underestimate your services. 

Payment method(s) 

Your consumers need to get an idea about what payment services have been offered. 

Some of your clients may pay cash easily, while others may be able to write checks or make payments with a credit card. As long as you choose a system that is appropriate to you and your customers, it’s all right. 

Payment Method

Set Up Due Date 

Many freelancers  fail to receive payments for projects done since they do not inform their clients when payments are due. Make sure to include a due date on every invoice you send to reduce the occurrence of late payments.  

Use Freelancing Platform  

If you don’t want to have a headache in invoicing your stubborn clients, you can use freelancing platform like Flexgigzz The clients will not get  your work  if the payment have not been made to the system. Once the work is delivered, the platform will release the payment.   

Source : Hongkiat. Com 

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