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6 Online Events Concepts for Internal Corporate Gatherings

It’s the year 2021, and everything has gone online, including internal business events. If your company isn’t arranging online events, it’s time to change gears and get on board. It’s not too late.

Virtual event systems enable you to create enjoyable, dynamic events online, bringing colleagues together regardless of where they work. Virtual events are an efficient way to connect remote employees with those working on-site.

They can also assist companies in overcoming many of the issues associated with a hybrid workforce.

Employers are increasingly turning to virtual events due to the additional benefits. It’s almost a no-brainer, but virtual gatherings offer significant cost savings over in-person meetings, especially when you consider the elimination of travel and lodging fees, as well as expensive venues, food, and entertainment. 

Virtual events are also easier to plan and execute, making it possible to hold more events throughout the year. Because virtual events are so handy, employees may attend regardless of their location or work schedule.

Here are six ideas for going virtual with internal company events this year:

1. Virtual community center

With the rising transition to a hybrid workforce, it is more critical than ever to develop ways to bring employees together and create collaborative discussions about your organizational culture, company-wide initiatives, and anything else that affects everyone on staff.

Virtual events make it simple to ‘take the temperature’ of your workforce and collect the input you need to make the best decisions for your company’s future. Using the broadcast functionality of virtual event platforms, leaders and other key persons can engage with employees, and chat booths can be added to create an interactive town hall event.

2. Optimize networking

On the most basic level, the main goal is to use virtual events to connect people. Organize speed networking events inside departments or across your organization so that your employees may get to know one another and form relationships that will benefit everyone. 

3. Inter-departmental collaboration

The same qualities that enable employees to connect for professional networking can assist teams in getting more work done, even if they are all working from various places. Teams can use virtual event platforms to brainstorm new solutions, work on team projects, and arrange interdepartmental initiatives. Virtual events enable remote teams to collaborate for any reason.

4. Hackathons

Virtual hackathons are an efficient approach to address your organization’s most pressing issues. Whether you limit attendance to employees or extend invitations to your whole business community, a well-planned virtual event can help bring the leading minds together, foster collaboration and brainstorming, and raise awareness and interest on any issue. Including social features and entertainment, alternatives can boost event engagement and inspire creative solutions to whatever challenges your organization faces.

5. Competitions and Games

A little friendly rivalry among individual employees or teams can go a long way toward generating highly engaged employees and establishing a culture of collaboration. Consider using a virtual event platform to arrange a virtual treasure hunt.

Employees must visit different booths to find answers to challenge questions or design other online competitions that you would typically hold in person. Virtual contests make it simple for all employees, regardless of location or schedule, to join, and there is less preparation and prep work for your team to do as well.

6. Initiatives for corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Social responsibility has received a lot of attention in recent years due to the movements for racial justice, gender equity, and climate change mitigation. Virtual events can effectively engage your employees in your corporate responsibility initiatives while your leadership evaluates your organization’s goals and actions.

The live video broadcast function helps highlight leaders who can communicate their goals and policies. At the same time, chat capabilities enable you to collect comments and allow employees to share with leaders how to make those policies effective.

Online events for all seasons and circumstances

Hosting virtual corporate events does not exclude you from holding in-person events in the future. Still, it does allow you to widen your reach, save time and money, and enhance employee engagement in easy and enjoyable ways. 

Before you arrange your next event, consider whether it is essential to hold it in person or if a virtual event platform can yield better outcomes. In the future, ask employees how they feel about attending in-person events and carefully assess what is best for your employees, your organization, and your company goals.

Source: Brazen


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