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Build a Talent Pool of Freelancers

As the pandemic still here and makes company tighten its budget for talent and has option to hire freelancers. If you are an HR and got the task to make talent pool of freelancers that reliable  you need to read this article.

Hiring freelancers can be benefit for the company.  They only hire the specific skilled freelancers for some projects.  The company doesn’t need to pay for the insurance, pension and other things. It’s like buying a service from a vendor.  In the other hand many times you cannot rely on one freelancer.  Because the freelancer might be busy or handling other client when you  need the service.

To handle that issue that possible occur, as an HR you must create a Talent Pool of Freelancers.  Indeed you can just go to a freelance marketplace such as Flexgigzz or Fiverr. However it will be more effective if you already know the freelancers right ? especially if it is to handle the  project that might private. That’s why it is important to make a talent pool of freelancers

Talent Pool of Freelancers

Here are steps to build your little Talent Pool of Freelancers

Identifying Needs

Begin by evaluating the needs of your company or may face in the coming year. You can ask user to respond to the following questions:

  • what type(s) of roles (marketing, creative, or digital) do you require now or may require in the future?
  • what job title(s) (graphic designer, developer, etc.) should you hire for?
  • how about the level of experience is required for the role(s) in order to meet your requirements?
  • You can begin proactive recruiting activities if you have a list of identified talent needs and potential needs.

Proactive in Recruiting

You should build your freelance bench in the same way that you would fill full-time positions. To do searches, use job postings, job advertising, and tools such as LinkedIn.

Interviewing freelancers is an important part of your recruiting strategy. This is vital if you want to start forming relationships with them. You’ll also get a greater understanding of their skill sets, how available they are for your needs, and how they cooperate with management.

Talent Pool of Freelancers

Ask from Referrals

According to research, referrals are an effective way to fill unfilled full-time roles on your team. Referrals are frequently less expensive, speedier hires who stay on for the long haul. So, if you enjoy working with a freelancer, you should ask them for suggestions. The same concept applies – they will most likely be a reliable resource on whom you can count to assist your projects flourish.

Build the Talent Pool of Freelancers

Once you built the talent pool of freelancers You’ll need to figure up a means to rapidly find the perfect freelancer for a certain project. Make a list or spreadsheet Include information such as their contact information, availability, rate of compensation, specialties and abilities, and level of expertise.


Before you pull a freelancer off your talent pool for a project, remember to onboard them so they feel like a team member. Your goal should be to ensure that they understand their responsibilities, that they have the tools or equipment they may require, that they have a plan for collaboration, and that they are aware of your company’s values and mission. When it comes time to assign them their first assignment, they’ll be prepared to tackle the specific project objectives and get started right away.

Make Freelancers Engaged

And the last, you’ll want to get your relationship with a new freelancer off to a good start. Within the first month, give them a project. Because the greatest freelancers are in high demand, you should use their abilities to ensure that your tasks are prioritized.

Most importantly, having a communication strategy in place to ensure that you keep your freelancers top-of-mind for upcoming assignments. Even if no work is expected of an individual, be honest with them about it. Simply discontinuing communication with your freelance bench or failing to maintain regular touchpoints with them can harm your reputation and ability to work with the top freelancers. So, analyze your upcoming projects and team needs on a regular basis, and keep your freelancers informed.

Source : Celarity


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