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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Your First Freelancer Online

You may have a little too much work to complete on your own at times. Or maybe you don’t have the knowledge to do it yourself. Or perhaps you simply want to expand your firm. So you decide to hire a freelancer — and that’s when things become complicated…

When it comes to hiring freelancers, many individuals don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into. A good freelancer can be a lifesaver, someone who can genuinely assist you in staying ahead of your burden.

A lousy one can eat up your money and your time, costing you more of both than if you did it yourself. There is no failsafe formula or equation, but if you know what to avoid, you can make an intelligent decision:

1. Choosing the cheapest option available

I understand: money does not grow on trees. You’re making an effort to be responsible. However, if you go with the cheapest choice, you will almost certainly end up paying in other ways – extra edits, more hand-holding, or, worst of all, being entirely ghosted.

As Michael Brooks, the creator, and CEO of goLance, says. Brooks is aware of freelancer prices due to the various services provided by worldwide freelancers who utilize the award-winning goLance platform.

“Look at the freelancer’s full past and amount of experience you require before deciding to utilize this person and don’t just choose someone because their rate is lower,” he advises. “A freelancer who provides the quality you require and expect will charge the market rate for services.

There’s an ancient adage about this, and it’s true: “You get what you pay for.” There is no better example of this than hiring freelancers online. 

Be prepared to pay a little more for higher quality. A higher price does not always imply a higher rate, although it is a decent sign.

2. Incorporating Micromanagement Into The Process

You’ve probably never met your freelancer in person, so it’s easy to want to micromanage them. It’s understandable; after all, it’s your money and your effort, and you’re passing it over to someone you don’t know. The inclination is to treat them as if they were an employee.

They aren’t.

They’re probably trying to get your work done as quickly as possible because they’re presumably handling some clients, and the longer you take their time, the more probable it is that they’ll start charging you for it.

They might ask you to pay for extra calls, edits, or meetings — and even if they don’t, you’re increasing the likelihood that they won’t deal with you again because you’re more hassle than the work is worth.

Freelancers exist to make your life easier, not more difficult. Hiring someone you don’t trust to complete the work independently is a waste of money and effort for both of you.

Recruit talent. Get your work done. Continue your journey.

3. Providing a One-Hundred-Percentage-Upfront-Payment (The First Time Around)

There are a plethora of outstanding freelancers available online. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. Some folks will take your money and deliver you substandard work, or worse; they will never give you anything back.

Offering full money before the job is finished is a sure way to get robbed. At the same time, a good freelancer will almost certainly request partial payment before the first assignment as a sign of good faith. 

Give them a portion of the money upfront, with the remainder due upon completion of the work. It’s a good halfway ground that protects both you and the freelancer you’ve hired.

Trust is essential in this situation. Feel free to experiment with payment structures once you’ve formed a relationship. But don’t start with something that will burn you in the end. It’s your “first date.” You’re getting to know them rather than purchasing an engagement ring. Set your payment to reflect this.

4. Failing to Establish Defined Project Expectations

When you give ambiguous directions, an employee who has worked with you for years may understand what you intend. A freelancer will have no idea. They can’t offer you what you want if you don’t know what you want.

How can you expect a freelancer to fulfill ambiguous specifications? If you give them a shady project brief, you should expect to obtain something you dislike: more edits, more time, and more frustration.

Freelancers do not have mind-reading abilities. Don’t expect them to be. Give them strict restrictions and a detailed project brief, and you’ll end up with a better product.

Choosing the Best Freelancer

It can be challenging to find your first freelancer online. It might also be highly beneficial to your company. A good freelancer can supplement your staff and provide you with qualities you would not have otherwise.

Don’t make these errors.

Many others have as well. You have the option of avoiding them. If you go into your hiring process prepared, you’ll find that you can create relationships with high-quality freelancers rather than just fly-by-night scam artists or rookies.

It’s worth the time and effort to get it perfect.

Source: Forbes


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