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Why UX Design Crucial for Start-Ups

UX design is described as “a link between technology and the end user.” In essence, UX design means taking into account customers’ and users’ experiences throughout the design process of every new website or app. Your website or app would be easier to use. More importantly, facilitate conversions if you use effective UX design that’s why UX Design Crucial for Start-Ups.  

The 15-second rule governs how long it takes for a website or app to load. This is the average amount of time an internet user spends determining whether or not a company can meet their requirements. If your website or app is difficult to use, users will abandon it within the first 15 seconds and are unlikely to return. That’s a conversion that should have been made. This high bounce rate would have an impact on your Google page ranking That’s why UX design is crucial for start-ups 

Why UX Design Crucial for Start-Ups   

What makes a good user experience design? 

  • A simple, well-defined collection of icons, well-spaced and presented in a tasteful color palette that stands up to current trends and tastes 
  • On-screen or at the touch of a button, informative, well-written content is available. This content should be clearly labelled and directly related to the user’s search. 
  • Calls to action that are clear, well-placed, and inspiring without being pushy or desperate 
  • Photos that are high-resolution, appropriate, and aesthetically pleasing, and are strategically positioned so that they do not cover the page or the copy. 
  • If the user is using a web browser, a smartphone, or a tablet, they will have the same experience. 

UX design  for a Start-Up owner  

Ask yourself the following four questions if you’re a start-up or a small business owner debating how much thought you should put into UX design.

1. What are some of the UX design problems you’ve encountered on your website or app?

It’s always fun to plan a website or app. Don’t succumb to the lure of completing the project quickly. The following are some examples of important UX design flaws: 

  • Slow page load times — Most users would leave if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. 
  • Hastily written, incomplete copy that hasn’t been proofread — or, worse, plagiarized. 
  • Poor performance on specific browsers, and particularly on mobile devices. When it comes to UX architecture, try to be as platform-agnostic as possible.

2. For your clients, what are the UX non-negotiables?

It’s perfect once you’ve checked the UX design of your website or app and are satisfied with it. However, this is just the first move. After that, The issue to consider is how external users will respond. Think like a customer and figure out what these are before incorporating them into your UX design. 

Conduct market analysis to accomplish this. This should ideally include the use of your app’s and website’s prototypes. Usually there are some flaws are commonplace. These may include: 

  • Sales funnels that are long and complicated. 
  • There are no simple and obvious security mechanisms in place to protect customer data. 
  • On a sign-up form, there are just too many personal and insignificant questions.
  • Navigation from one page to the next is difficult or complicated.

Why UX Design Crucial for Start-Ups

3. Is it possible for your company to manage UX design in-house?

Whether you can handle UX design in-house is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. Inquire about the agency’s or freelancer’s UX design qualifications if you’re outsourcing the production of your website — or, more generally, the development of a mobile app. It’s possible that leaving this method to the experts would be much more successful.

4. How do you use UX design to boost your profits?

Every company, whether a start-up business or a multinational corporation, has the same goal: to increase sales and profit margins. With this in mind, any UX design decision you make should be driven by this central goal. 

UX design should aim to increase customer interaction, increase conversions, draw new leads, and boost the company’s credibility.  

Now you already understand why UX Design Crucial for Start-Ups ?. It’s time to take a look at your current website or mobile app.  Or if you have a  plan to develop a website or a mobile app, you already knew the points for UX design. If you don;t have resources for UX design, you can find the freelance UX Designer on


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