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8 Types of Problematic Clients in Freelancing and How to Handle Them

There are many different types of clients out there; some are easy to work with, while others make you want to give up freelancing forever. Sometimes you can see the warning flags early on; other times, you won’t realize you’re dealing with a client from hell until you get burned in the middle of the project. This article will list down the types of problematic Clients in freelancing and how to handle them, but it will be better for you to avoid them.  

As you continue to work as a freelancer, you will come across one or more of the following clients who are problematic Clients in freelancing. So you can avoid them if you have an option. But, If you don’t, there are other options for avoiding the problem and avoiding more damage. 

1. He has no idea what he wants 

The first sign of Problematic Clients in Freelancing  is the client who is unsure about what they want. What exactly do they mean by a “new look”? Is this referring to the logo, the entire website, or just new web copy? Typically, by asking the correct questions, the scope of the project can be easily clarified. Having and using a regular list of questions before beginning any activity is a fantastic method to clarify the confusion and get to the heart of the problem. 

Keep an eye on that client; there’s a probability they’ll never be happy even after you clarify the confusion about the project. The hardest part is when they return and say your work was flawed, and despite not being able to tell you what they needed, they somehow know your work is not what they were searching for. 

2. Cheapest Rate  

If a client requests your best rate, that means he asks for lowest pricing. You’ll soon feel as though you’re bargaining your self-worth away. Remind your client that your fees are reflective of the quality of your job. Never reduce your rates past the point of recovery. If you give them a cheap rate now, they will expect the same low rate in the future. 

Problematic Clients in Freelancing

3. Thinks that it is an Easy Task  

There are clients who think  that the task is an easy task that his nephew can do it. Sometimes the client will mention “It’s an easy task” or “You just need to do this and that” or “Even my nephew can do that”.  So,  prepare yourself for this, because usually they aim for lower price. The logic is the task easy and he can ask his nephew to do that, why he doesn’t do that? 

4. Refuses to Sign A contract  

It is common practice to have a contract. If you don’t have one, please create one, even if it’s just copying and pasting the text of the emails you exchanged with the customer while you’re both working out the details. Create a document and submit it to the client for signature. If the client refuses to sign the contract, you may encounter issues later in the project. The entire issue for refusing black-and-white is fraught with peril. If they say something along the lines of “we trust you and you can trust us,” just remind them it’s to avoid future confusion and duplicate work. 

To be clear, negotiating contract terms and provisions is acceptable. The “not signing or delaying of the signing” is a red flag. Even if a customer has stated that they will sign it, don’t begin work on the project until you have received a copy of the signed contract. 

5. Always in a Rush  

If you often work in rush for a client, the client may come to expect it from you every time. Discuss with your client the importance of not conducting haste work on a frequent basis. Even if they pay you more, the stress of pulling all-nighters is not worth it. 

If the customer does not relent on the hurried task, it may be time to say good-by. After all, you don’t want to burn out unless you enjoy the customer continually needing rush work and putting pressure on you because that’s when you do your finest work. If that’s the case, by all means, keep going! 

Problematic Clients in Freelancing

6. Bad at Payment  

If a client pays late, modifies the payment schedule and pays in installments, or pays less than agreed, he is a lousy paymaster. Find another client who pays on time, or better yet, in advance, and remain with them instead of this one. If you’re tempted to give them a chance, think twice. In my experience, if a client starts delaying payments or changing the parameters of the project in the middle of it, it’s a sure sign of disaster.   

Actually, you can avoid this kind of clients if you sign up on freelancing platform such as Flexgigzz. You can do your work without worry about the payment, and once it finishes you will get the payment from client. Even if there is any dispute you can ask the customer support to help you.  

7. Speculative Work  

There are some clients who ask for specific sample of work according to what they want. So, you have to submit your work first before get the payment. The problem is there is no certainty that the client will like your  sample after you made it.  

The Clients should pay for sample work, because working a sample also consumes freelancers time.  There are exceptions, of course, but speculative work is usually counter-productive to your freelance ambitions. 

Instead, you can show them your portfolio, which is made up of previous work you’ve done for previous clients or things you’ve done in your leisure time. 

8. The Promised Future Work. 

Have you ever received an email from a prospect promising you more work in the future if you work for next to nothing now? Or that he’ll pay you more if his business/service is well-established and he’s making a lot of money? It’s better to avoid this project because there is a possibility his business doesn’t run well and you don’t get paid enough.  You can also join a freelancing platform like Flexgigzz so you won’t get the project like this.  Because the price at the freelancing platform is a fix price and client can’t ask lower price.  

Avoid Problematic Clients in Freelancing 

It is good if You can avoid clients who has signs of Problematic Clients in Freelancing, because they may cause problems in the future. However, assessing prospective clients harshly is not. They are not always to blame. Freelancers are also considered to be a difficult bunch. You can bet that clients have red flags they look for when it comes to freelancers they work with. No one loves to acknowledge they’re wrong, but before you dismiss a client as unable to deal with, examine the relationship and yourself. So, before you judge your client is problematic take reflection on yourself first. Are you good enough? Skillful enough? Good in communication and soft skill ?, or you also find yourself problematic?  

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