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10 Steps To Be a Pro Freelance Web Designer

You might have started your way to be a web designer, while you might think how to leverage your skill and experience these 20 steps will make you A Pro Freelance Web Designer.  As a freelancer it is important to have personal branding. Imagine there are 2 freelance web designers with the same skill.  Of course the clients will prefer a freelancer who has personal branding as it makes someone looks more professional.  So, how to make you to be a Pro Freelance Web Designer? Check below list !  

Good Attitude To be A Pro Freelance Web Designer 

1. Be exceptional at something. 

“You need to be a specialist,” Andy Budd, founder of Clearleft, believes. “Make a name for yourself as the greatest Ruby developer in Brighton or the top UX designer in London. Don’t settle with becoming one of thousands of fair-to-middling freelancers who are never chosen to do excellent work and are only recommended by a tiny group of connections.” 

2. Take some chances

Jenkinson also believes it is easy to become stuck in a rut. In contrast, she feels that by purposefully scaring you, she can increase the likelihood of large pay-offs. “If you’ve always wanted to speak at a conference but no one has ever approached you,” she believes, “contact some organisers.” She continues, “Even if you don’t believe you have the necessary experience, apply nonetheless. It can be difficult to put oneself out there, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Stop being afraid and start doing.” 

Make your name known  

3. Build  Your Own Website  

Shane Mielke, a freelance designer/developer, recognizes the value of promoting yourself on community sites like Behance and Dribbble, but believes you must have a larger web presence because “your work [is] being hosted among competition.” He believes that the best advertising tool a freelance designer can have is still his or her own work.   

4. Create a blog 

Few activities, according to Authentic Jobs founder Cameron Moll, are more beneficial to self-promotion than having a distinct, qualified voice. “That’s how I got started,” he explains. “It led to the acquisition of clients and the establishment of Authentic Jobs, which I now operate full-time. Develop the capacity to write consistently and passionately about topics that are important to you, and you’ll be shocked at the opportunities that will present themselves for establishing and sustaining your business “. 

“I’ve been approached by companies that wanted to meet with me after reading an article,” says Hatch partner Mark Kirby, who has also found writing useful. “You get to share your knowledge, become known as an expert, and become someone that companies want to hire.”  

5. Enhance your portfolio 

Put no old stuff in your portfolio. According to product designer Sacha Greif, it must answer not only if you’re good but also whether you’re reliable: “Concentrate on explaining what you do and demonstrating your trustworthiness. Include case studies instead of merely displaying nice graphics.”  

6. Be more outgoing

A personal website is merely one component of your internet marketing strategy. Kirby recommends looking into regular local meet-ups as a preferable alternative than exchanging business cards at random gatherings. “You’ll build relationships in the industry, and work will be handed on to you as a result. However, it is uncommon for someone to endorse someone they only met for 15 minutes.” 

Designer and developer Todd Motto concurs. “The biggest mistake I made when I first started freelancing at 17 was believing that putting up a website would be enough,” he says. “What I really needed to do was build relationships, learn from others, ask them to pass on my information, and use existing contacts.”  

7. Create your own brand

According to the motto, you must also establish your personal brand in whatever you do. “”It’s everything, from your logo and portrait to your writing, substance, and attitude,” he explains. It’s how you want to be perceived as a person.” He advises being pleasant and likeable, not pushing the rules too far – “swearing isn’t going to do you any favors” – and viewing everything you do in person and online as “one big CV.” 

8. Increase the number of clients you serve

Designer Mike Kus makes an excellent argument against relying on a limited number of clients to make a living in these unpredictable economic times. “A safe design and development company has a large client base. It’s easy to have repeat customers, which is fantastic. However, don’t rely solely on one or two clients for survival. Instead, have a diverse client base so that if one suddenly drops out, you are not left in the lurch “he claims. 

Soft Skills Needed To be A Pro Freelance Web Designer 

9. Maintain client relationships 

When interacting with clients, trust is essential. Kus recognizes that individuals frequently grumble about clients, but reminds them that “they’re the lifeblood of your firm, so you must deliver the goods.” He advises going above and beyond on occasion, even if it means staying up late. 

Your clientele will refer you if they trust you. Laura Kalbag, a designer, advises being “honest, friendly, and straightforward,” as well as “acknowledging difficulties and working hard to overcome them.” 

10. Don’t do it alone 

Freelancing can be isolating, especially if you don’t have somebody to bounce ideas off of (outside of social media sites). Mark Kirby suggests looking into co-working spaces. “You hire a workstation or drop in with other freelancers,” he explains. “After a week at The Werks in Brighton, I was able to find work with two small businesses that shared the premises. This launched my freelance career, and my present business partners were coworkers from the same industry.”  

Those are the tips that will step by step makes you a a Pro Freelance Web Designer . You don’t need to be in a rush to do all the tips mentioned. Take your time and keep doing what you love. When you decided to become a freelancer was because you want to do something that you like right ?

Source : creativebloq 



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