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4 Free Apps to make your remote freelancing better

If you love remote freelancing and just want to stay at home all the time then this article is for you. Many people fall in love with remote work or work from home, it is a love hate relationship. People may love it because it doesn’t require you to commute, make up and dress up. Meanwhile the dog barking, the baby is crying and your cat is scratching the sofa while you are on zoom meeting.  So here are the free apps that you can use as a zoom alternative that offer better features.  

1. Krisp  

If your home is too noisy to make a viedo call, you can block background noise with Krisp. Krisp is an app that functions as a bridge between your microphone and your communications applications (it supports over 800 of them) and utilizes artificial intelligence to isolate your speech while blocking out pets, people, keyboard clacks, and other noises. 

While certain programs, like as Zoom, offer built-in noise cancellation, the higher you turn it up, the more confused your actual speech sounds. Not so with Krisp, that manages to drown out everything while still sounding like you. 

The free version allows you to listen to 240 minutes of clear audio per week, which should be enough for most people. For those of you who have far too many important meetings on your calendar, unlimited options begin at $12 per month.  Worth price for remote freelancing right ? 

remote freelancing

2. Forest  

Working from home or remote freelancing can make it difficult to stay focused at times, and the combination of having your phone within arm’s reach at all times and no prying eyes to catch you slacking off can make for a perilous productivity situation. 

And, while there are plenty of forced-focus apps available, Forest takes a new approach to the genre. 

Launch the free software and tap the “Plant Tree” button to begin developing a virtual tree. The tree will grow as long as you don’t touch your phone for the duration of the in-app timer—the default is 25 minutes. The tree dies if you exit the app to play with your phone. Interesting right?! 

Once you’ve mastered multiple focus sessions every day, you’ll have an attractive little forest full of productivity trees.  

3. Stretchly  

When working from home, it’s tempting to plop yourself down in your chair and power through the workday until there’s no work left to be done. No hour-long lunch. No chit-chat with coworkers. There will be no trips to the break room for coffee. 

Stretchly, a free software that  will force you to take 20-second breaks every 15 minutes and 3-minute breaks every hour by surfacing a giant, unmovable window over the top of everything you are working on. So, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and recharging yourself.  


MYNOISE can create beautiful sound to mask the real noise that you don’t want to hear. With the simple concept it can works well and also doesn’t require expensive noise-cancelling headphones. Everything is playable directly from your browser, plus there are iPhone and Android apps available. Each created sound has ten tweakable audio sliders that you may fine-tune to achieve the ideal combination. Several of the created noises are also accessible as albums that can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. 

So, which one that you will try to make your remote freelancing more comfortable? Let us know your choice on the comment section!  You can also give your personal review about the app that you use. Happy Freelancing ! 

Source: fastcompany 


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