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4 Freelance Photographers’ Local Marketing Strategies

Being a photographer can be a rewarding profession. You’re turning your passion and talent into a career, and you’re getting access to some fantastic destinations as a result. However, no one claimed it would be easy to get photographers started. 

You’re probably starting on a local level in your hometown, and you’ll need to advertise yourself to the people in your community. We touched on this briefly in this article, but to go over some more marketing tactics for photographers.

  1. Social Media

It is practically difficult to run a business nowadays without being present on social media. Aside from a website with your portfolio, you should also have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is the most straightforward marketing strategy for photographers to implement, but it may be difficult to sustain.

Instagram is the ideal alternative because it is solely dedicated to photographs. Your professional photos will stand out among all of the standard Instagram pics in people’s feeds. Facebook and Twitter are excellent platforms for keeping clients and followers up to date regularly. As you use various platforms, you will discover what works best for you.

While there are generalizations about what should be posted on various platforms, it ultimately comes down to testing and discovering what resonates with your particular audience.

Focus on sharing your photography and communicating with your audience when utilizing social media.

2) Register on Google My Business

When it comes to photography marketing techniques, it is critical to register your company on Google. When someone searches for photographers in their region, Google displays business information such as location, phone number, operating hours, and more.

When your company appears in a search, it will stand out from the crowd! Another advantage is that business listings like these appear above organic search results.

One of the most beneficial elements of having your business listed on Google is that your customers may leave reviews linked to your business listing. This is a terrific approach to obtain testimonials in a prominent location.

It is one of the first things customers will see when searching for your company, and Google will even select some quotes to display straight on the search page.

It is a simple process, although it does take some time. Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to confirm your location, which could take a few days.

3) Create an Email List

Having an email list is a good idea whether you work locally or nationally. It allows you to communicate with a large group of people simultaneously and include as much information as you desire.

While social media posts do not give the same level of interaction, an email is more likely to reach its intended recipient (as opposed to being at the mercy of a website’s algorithm). You can use an email newsletter to keep clients and followers updated on your latest shoots, business news, and special offers.

Furthermore, an email list ensures that you always have a database of potential clients when your company grows. Marketing to someone repeatedly may finally persuade them to utilize your services, especially if you can convince them with high-quality photographs, blogs, and bargains.

Your email list will expand in tandem with you. Don’t be concerned about who is on it; the more people know about you, the better. To begin, you might utilize a free email service like MailChimp to send smaller amounts.

When it comes to marketing ideas for photographers, think of simple ways. After all, you don’t want to squander time learning new systems when you could be shooting.

If you need help building an email list, check out our article on obtaining more clients for your photography business.

4) Participate in Community Networking

Being a local has its advantages. It implies that you have the ability (and should have the desire) to be well-connected in your community. This entails interacting with and learning from other photographers.

Without being spiteful, look at where your rival gets good leads and what clients they already have. Talking with other people in your business might also help you develop new abilities and secure gigs you might not have gotten otherwise.

You also have a lot of success with local company owners. Offer your photos for free or at a discount if an office, restaurant, or other business is redecorating or seeking new art. If someone wishes to buy it, some companies will even leave a card with the photographer’s name, the piece’s title, and a fee.

The ultimate goal of this technique is for a local business customer to see your art hanging and buy it off the wall! It may not always feel good to give your work away for free, but it can sometimes be a means to a goal that can benefit you more in the long run.

Staying local also means you’ll be closer to your consumers and may get to know them better. It’s an easy task to keep track of their birthdays and anniversaries and send a postcard with a discount offer if they desire a photoshoot for the occasion.

Connecting with individuals on a more intimate level has the potential to generate some excellent long-term consumers.

These four simple marketing methods for photographers should assist you in marketing your local photography business. Utilizing social media on a local level and engaging with your community are two of the most valuable things you can do.

Many little actions, such as registering your business on Google, may bring a lot of value for a short time investment.

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