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5 Best Free Tools for Freelance Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator, if you want to save your budget, you can check 5 tools for freelance illustrator that will help you work.  They also have good features that you can use. Let’s check the the list here :

1. Vectornator

The first free tools for freelance illustrator is Vectornator. Illustrators and graphic designers who utilize Apple products will benefit the most from this offering (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Also ideal for beginners who wish to create images on their Apple iPhones or tablets.

This is a vector-based graphics software that is exceptionally attractive and fashionable, as the name suggests. Vectornator began as an iOS app before expanding to iPadOS and MacOS.

In recent years, the creators have also included various additional capabilities, making the software suitable for both pros and novices.

It may potentially compete with Adobe Illustrator for designers that need to swiftly transition between Mac and iPad in their creative process.

2. Inkspace

Inkscape is an open-source program tools for freelance Illustrators , it relies on its community to become active and enhance the product on a regular basis.

This vector graphics editor has gone a long way since its inception in 2003. Its international network is constantly expanding, especially since this illustration tool is available in over 90 languages.

Inkscape has an easy-to-use setup and interface. However, while this illustration tool appears to be simple to use, it is best suited for professionals and people with prior experience as a designer or illustrator.

3. Gravit Designer

Gravit designer best for  Novices who require simple images and vector graphics on a regular basis. Illustrators who work on Linux or Chromebooks.

Brushes, text and precision tools, specialty layout and vector tools, structural modification, and much more are available.

There are also free and premium (professional) versions available. It is simple to try out the software and then invest in it if you want to take your designs to the next level.

4. Vectr

Vectr is yet another vector graphics design software for beginners. It is mostly utilized by marketers, entrepreneurs, and business people who require simple graphics or designs.

Consider the case where you only want to update a few words in an infographic. With Vectr, this takes about 3-5 minutes. Open their website, input your AI/EPS/SVG file, make the necessary adjustments, and export the final result.

5. Ira Design

The software was developed by a firm called Creative Tim, and the illustrations you can produce with it are fantastic. The gradient control and hand-drawn possibilities are two of my personal favorites.

The software is also Retina-ready, so you know you’re getting a truly high-quality experience, and the interface is simple. Even if you’ve never used software like this before, you’ll have no trouble navigating it.

Source :  marketsplash


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