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5 Front-End Tools to Make Web Development Easier for Freelancers

As a web development writer for over two years, I’ve been a part of numerous web development communities in order to stay up to date on the latest developments. The most prevalent conversations I’ve overheard have always revolved around how to make the web development process easier.

Some programmers are looking for technologies that will allow them to write less code, while others require assistance with faster testing. So I decided to publish a blog post highlighting the best web development tools to assist you in doing just that.

However, if I have to go into detail about both the front-end and back-end tools, one blog article will not suffice. In the following post, I’ll go over the back-end tools.

For the time being, here are the five most effective front-end web development tools to help you accomplish more with less.

Atom—for More Efficient Code Editing

Whether you are a new developer or an experienced one, you will need a high-performing code editor to improve the productivity of your coding process.

Atom is one of the best code- and text-editing tools in the web development ecosystem right now. It was created by GitHub and is thus owned by Microsoft. The best aspect is that it is totally open-source and can be used as an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing web apps.

Atom is designed to provide clever suggestions for auto-completion in the coding process, in addition to functionality such as discovering and replacing text/files.

Atom is a simple to use editor that facilitates cross-platform development. The one disadvantage of Atom is that if you wish to write packages in it, you must use CoffeeScript.

Chrome DevTools—Faster Debugging

Chrome Developer Tools is a popular web development tool that allows you to test and debug a webpage directly in the Chrome browser. Not only that, but these tools may also assist you in editing the Style and DOM of a webpage.

The tools Device Mode and Sources Panel are two standout features. The Device Mode in Chrome DevTools allows you to evaluate the responsiveness of a webpage or website. The Sources panel, on the other hand, lets you do things like browse page files, debug JavaScript code, create JavaScript Snippets, and set up Workspaces for file sharing and editing.

However, keep in mind that Google Chrome receives feature updates every six months. So, if you want to get the most out of Chrome DevTools, make sure you stay up to speed on all of their latest updates.

It is, in reality, a complete UI kit that allows you to swiftly develop mobile-first websites. Bootstrap includes HTML and CSS design templates for a variety of UI elements such as typography, boxes, labels, buttons, and so on.

Bootstrap’s main advantage, which has piqued the interest of a significant number of web developers, is its customizability. Bootstrap’s grids, components, and layouts are all very customisable. Regardless of the type of web application, it is similarly simple to offset and stack columns in Bootstrap grids.

How easy is it to incorporate Bootstrap into new and existing websites? Furthermore, you may use a variety of third-party tools to personalize your UI with Bootstrap.

Bulma—for Simple CSS and UI Development

Bulma, like Bootstrap, is a front-end UI framework that includes pre-built components. However, if you wish to work with Bulma, you may get started straight away without any prior CSS expertise. That’s a big positive.

Bulma is incredibly simple to use, and it generates very light CSS files if you do build one with it. It is Flexbox-based, which means you can construct responsive columns for your website with just a few clicks.

What I like best about Bulma is the freedom it gives you while designing your website’s user interface. Bulma has a modular architecture, which means you just have to utilize and work with the pieces that you require for your website. If you’re just getting started with Bulma, there’s no need to become acquainted with every element of the framework.

Svelte—for Creating Faster Modern Web Apps Than Traditional Web Apps

Since its inception in 2018, Svelte has been a game-changing component framework. While most traditional frameworks, such as Vue and React, do the majority of their work in the browser, Svelte does the opposite.

When you use Svelte for front-end web development, the code is compiled during the build process. As a result, there is no need for Virtual DOM diffing, and app speed improves dramatically.

Of course, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are important parts of Svelte. They can be found in the framework toolkit as.svelte files. What’s the best part? In Svelte, these components are boilerplate-free, so you can accomplish a lot with fewer lines of code.

Svelte, like other front-end frameworks, may be connected with other tools and technologies to create an attractive, efficient UI for your web app with the least amount of effort.

Web Development Tools Can Increase Productivity Significantly

Because of how simple they make it to construct web apps, these and other front-end web development tools have garnered huge appeal within the developer community.

While Atom is excellent for code and text editing, nothing tops Chrome Devtools for debugging. With their pre-built design components, Bootstrap and Bulma are extremely handy frameworks for developing a user-friendly site design. Finally, Svelte has joined the web development world with a novel perspective to how a front-end framework should function.

Finally, web development tools provide you with a ready-to-use structure, or at the very least components, eliminating the need to build everything from scratch. And this can have a significant impact on your productivity.

Source: The Simple Programmer 


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