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5 Methods to Expand Your Freelance Business With Storytelling

When you have a following of fans and clients that are loyal to you, you will have repeat business and income. In addition, you will witness measurable, bottom-line outcomes. The real deal is for the storytelling to shorten your sales cycle and assist you in closing the sale more naturally and frequently.

This style of deliberate and natural storytelling applies to ANY business. The catch is that you must work at it (sounding simple does not imply being easy), present a truthful tale, and deliver the product or service that your story promises.

So here are the five ways!

1) Make a firm commitment

OK, this is a biggie because most of us need to reveal more of ourselves intentionally. Overshare, and you’ll feel exposed; withhold too much, and what’s the point? As an entrepreneur who developed her first business by working behind the scenes, placing herself in the spotlight was difficult.

My advice is to take it slowly. Begin by recognizing and communicating your values. Introduce yourself as a natural person (rather than a larger, faceless corporation) and replace your uninteresting bio with a riveting tale (more on that in step 3).

2) Don’t skip through the tricky bits

Nothing is more boring than the flawless person telling you about their perfect life. Snooze! Listen, every good narrative includes a little drama, and I believe if you looked back over your business and life, you’d notice a link between struggle and major, life-changing jumps.

Do not skip the adversity section; it does not make you appear inept or unskilled; instead, it makes you seem human (and other humans like that!).

3) Adopt the traditional plot arc

If you aren’t already aware of the arc of every good story, prepare to be astounded by its simplicity:

  • You encounter a likable hero/protagonist (who, by the way, is you!)
  • The likable hero encounters a stumbling block
  • The likable hero overcomes the stumbling block and emerges transformed

Now it’s time to ditch the eye-catching bio and instead apply these methods to construct your intriguing story. Remember that writing your narrative is not an easy task. So continue to work on it, experiment with alternative entry points, and have a buddy read it. I promise it will be worthwhile.

4) Align your journey and transformation with the outcomes and results you want for your clients or consumers.

It’s critical, people. You’re not just sharing any tale; you’re telling the story that allows your clients or consumers to see themselves as participants in your journey. Why? Because it is this that fosters trust and connection, allowing others to feel as though they already know you before meeting you.

Ensure you understand who your ideal clients are, where they want to go, and what obstacles stand in their way.

5) Invite others to share their experiences.

If all of this personal tale sharing is making you feel self-conscious, consider shifting your gaze outward. Inviting clients, community members, or people you respect to share their stories with you – whether on your blog, podcast, or Instagram Live – is an excellent approach to incorporate storytelling into your business while also amplifying others.

Source: Freelance Union


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