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5 Shocking Truths About Charging — and Getting — What You’re Worth

After years of assisting freelancers of all levels in raising their rates and charging what they are worth, here’s what we’ve shocking discovery about why we charge so little in the first place:

We don’t know how to raise our prices.

That’s all.

We may talk about psychology, mindsets, and so on, but the bottom line is that we don’t know how to do it.

If the $15-per-hour freelancer knew how to charge $30-per-hour, he’d do it.

If the $30-per-hour freelancer learned how to charge $60-per-hour, she’d do it.

And, you got it, if the $75/hr freelancer understood how to charge $150/hr, he or she would already be doing it.

We want to describe how to do it.

Let’s talk about some shocking truths I’ve discovered after years of assisting folks like you in charging what they’re truly worth…

SHOCKING TRUTH #1: Setting a “competitive” price for yourself is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It operates as follows:

You believe that in order to attract clients, you must price yourself “affordably” or “competitively.”

However, the good clients, the ones you want — the ones who are willing to pay handsomely and offer you the flexibility and respect you deserve — aren’t primarily concerned with obtaining a good bargain.

This is referred to as the race to the bottom. It is, without a doubt, one method to play the game. Or, starting next week, I can teach you how to play a different game.

SHOCKING TRUTH #2: Everyone loses when you charge too little.

Of course, charging too little costs you (and your family) money.

Clients, on the other hand, suffer.

When you’re not enthused about the amount you’re getting paid, it’s exceedingly difficult — and often impossible — to provide them your absolute best work.

Consider how you’d feel if you woke up today to do a job that paid $20 per hour…

…as opposed to doing the same exact work at $150/hr!

Even if you’re doing the same thing, the experience will be as different as night and day.

You’d be more excited, energetic, and happy if you were earning much more money. Many people in this camp plan a brief (but productive) stretch of work, followed by spending the rest of the day resting, spending time with people they care about, or simply watching Netflix.

All of this is impossible if you charge too little. You may (emphasis on may) become aroused, but this swiftly fades and eventually dies.

SHOCKING TRUTH #3: Charging higher rates isn’t solely for the purpose of “earning more.”

Over the years, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how high-paid freelancers think about pricing against their lower-paid competitors.

It’s fascinating, really: freelancers who charge typical rates regard money as something they need to fight for, and potentially don’t deserve — almost like a “tug of war” in which they vs. the customer compete for the biggest slice of the pie.

Top-paid freelancers perceive and even discuss their high rates in quite different ways. In what way? They talk about their high rate in terms of how much value they GIVE to clients, not how much they want to GET!

Isn’t that fascinating? Far from being greedy, higher-paid freelancers are more charitable, even as they fully expect to be paid well for their job.

SHOCKING TRUTH #4: The higher your price, the less competition you will face.

It may appear paradoxical, but it is true.

There are much more $10-per-hour freelancers than $50-per-hour freelancers.

And there are considerably more $50-per-hour freelancers than $100-per-hour freelancers.

Every rung (or half-rung, quarter-rung, etc.) up the ladder, you encounter less and less opposition from your opponents.

The bottom of the pricing pyramid is the busiest and least enjoyable area to play.

SHOCKING TRUTH #5: A “cheap client” does not exist.

When a freelancer is having difficulty finding clients ready to pay them well, it’s simple to blame “those cheap clients.” But is that actually what’s going on?

Let us examine the facts: Do you assume that clients are all working on $200 computers purchased at Walmart? (Or, even better, secondhand at a pawn shop?)

Do you suppose they get their lunch from Burger King’s Dollar Menu every day?

Do you believe they sit on the floor because they cannot afford a desk or a chair?

Obviously, if you followed most clients around, you’d notice that they use iPhones, sit on extremely comfy chairs, and eat properly.

Of course, these people are willing to pay a premium for skilled freelancers who charge a fair wage.

However, it is up to YOU to figure out how to get it from them.

PS: Another Shocking Fact: 

I’ve discovered that the freelancers who can charge the highest prices for themselves are also the ones who are the most connected to other successful freelancers! You may do the same right now by writing a remark below for me and FTW readers. You can share your opinions on this post, ask a question, express your emotions, or even respond to someone else’s comment and make a new friend. I always stop by to join in on the conversation, and we all grow more successful together.

Source: Freelance To Win


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