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5 Simple Ways to Market Your Freelance Photography Business

Suppose you want to be known as a photographer and brand yourself, rather than simply submitting your work to stock libraries. In that case, you must know how to advertise your freelance photography business online if you want to be found.

There are millions of sites on this subject alone on the internet. Therefore you must employ ways that allow people to find you to show off your work and become known.

You can do this online using a variety of methods and platforms. These include your website and social media accounts.

Even understanding a few fundamentals might put you miles ahead when it comes to getting noticed online.

5 Proven Techniques for Marketing Your Freelance Photography Business That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Create a Fan Base Using Social Media

It is entirely up to you which social media platform you utilize. There are numerous options available these days. It is better to start with one or two rather than spreading yourself too thin. 

Starting with a Facebook page is a good place an excellent because it is both popular and accessible. You have the option of building your list of individuals for free or paying to publicize your page, which is highly affordable.

Your second option maybe Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on.

Email, Email, and More Email!

When it comes to real estate, most people have heard the expression “location, location, location.” Online, it’s email. If you can persuade individuals to sign up for your email list, you may send them information, special offers, and updates. 

In this manner, you’ll always have people interested in you and your work. You can collect emails from people interested in your career by using your website, Facebook account, or any other network to which you belong. 

Maintain constant contact with them and send them offers, new works, and information.

Increase Free Traffic to Your Website With SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of allowing search engines to target your sites and articles for visitors to find you. They pick what to show based on keywords. A keyword is just a crucial word or phrase that people are likely to look up. 

SEO is considerably easier to employ nowadays than it was earlier because search engines are much wiser than in past years.

When considering keywords, numerous factors must be considered. To begin, consider your branding objectives and your niche, in our case, freelance photography.

You might wish to trademark your name, so do so if you do. This will not be the primary keyword found at first because it is unlikely that people will search for this until they know you.

They are more likely to use keyword phrases such as freelance photography or a freelance photographer. However, this is way too broad, as there are 600,000 pages with this specific keyword phrase. 

On the page/post you’re writing, narrow it down to be more detailed. Perhaps you’re writing a post on your work as a wildlife photographer. As a result, the most reasonable option would be “Freelance Nature Photographer.” Google only has a little more than 5,500 pages for this precise query.

Concentrate your term on the topic of your writing. It is usually good to perform some SEO on your website, albeit it only needs to be very basic if you are using other marketing strategies.

Expand Your Audience by Using YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for displaying your work. It is relatively simple to build a video slide show of your images and a YouTube channel. People who subscribe will become acquainted with you and your work and may choose to follow you elsewhere.

Participate in Local Networking Groups

Even if you simply want to sell your images online, joining your local networking clubs is a good idea. These can be an excellent source of like-minded individuals eager to share knowledge and thoughts. It could lead to clients or information sharing. 

This is dependent on what is accessible locally. While you may not wish to work offline, these groups often have a website where you may display your work or details. This allows you to link to your website, giving you another source of possible clients, and there’s a chance they’ll give you the option to email folks.

This is dependent on what is available locally, and not all places will have them. While you may not wish to work offline, these groups often have a website where you may display your work or details. This enables you to create a connection to your website or the product page. It also provides you with another opportunity to email people.

Source: Freelance Photography Center


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