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5 Success Entrepreneurs Who Starting as Freelancer

Despite having similarities freelancer and entrepreneur are different. Freelancers just care about doing work and being paid for it, whether by the hour or by the project. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are more concerned with developing profitable long-term companies. They can make money while sleeping. In exchange, they must accept the risks involved and be prepared to take on new challenges. We are going to list success Entrepreneurs Who Starting as Freelancer and now already own business.  

Brian Wong 

If you’re into technology and gaming, you’ve probably learned a lot about Brian Wong. He is a Success Entrepreneur Who Starting as Freelancer. He is Kiip’s founder and CEO.  He began by designing advertisements in Photoshop and earning money by freelancing for clients.  Success Entrepreneurs Who Starting as Freelancer 

Success Entrepreneurs
Brian Wong

As time passed, he considered how he could improve the mobile game advertisement model. That’s why he started Kiip, a mobile app that allows businesses to reward their customers for completing certain virtual tasks. 

Sahil Lavingia 

Sahil Lavingia is a talented young designer and serial entrepreneur who we should all keep an eye on. He is also a success entrepreneurs who Starting as freelancer.  He’s worked on a number of apps and for well-known brands in the media industry, including the design of Pinterest, one of the most influential social media networks on the planet. 

Success Entrepreneurs
Sahil Lavingia

He put what he’d learned from his previous experiences together and launched Gumroad, a website that helps people sell their belongings online. 

Alex Mangini 

Kolakube’s creator and designer is Alex Mangini. He’s a young entrepreneur who began by providing services to clients before moving on to designing WordPress thesis skins. Alex is a creative and visionary entrepreneur who combined his Photoshop and web design expertise to create themes that drive the company forward. 

Success Entrepreneurs
Alex Mangini

Kolakube is a redesigned website that offers premium WordPress thesis skins. Neil Patel, Jeremy Schoemaker, Derek Halpern, Lewis Homes, and a slew of other savvy online marketers and bloggers have used its services. 

Chris Pearson 

Chris is a former freelance designer who began by creating cool WordPress themes for himself and his clients before imagining something bigger, something that would revolutionize the overcrowded WordPress theme market. As a result, he built a thesis theme structure. He is the creator of thesis framework for WordPress, and founder of  

Success Entrepreneurs
Chris Pearson


Carol Tice 

Carol is a great girl. She is the brains behind MakeaLivingWriting and wears a lot of different hats. Mentoring is one of them. She teaches her students how to make a lot of money writing online in her mentorship program. She also created Freelancer Writers Den, a forum for freelance writers looking to boost their income and success. 

Success Entrepreneurs
Carol Tice

There are a variety of ways to expand your freelance company beyond what you do on a regular basis. To start a business You must dedicate yourself and learn business skills  such as how to marketing and funding your business. 


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