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5 Tips to Be a Professional Freelance Logo Designer

Logo designing is not only about how the logo looks as creative as possible. It is more the image represents. To be a professional freelance logo designer, you should be able to construct the company’s business and image on the logo you create.  As logo is the represent of the company image.  It is a corporate identity that shows company policy and industry.

These are the tips that you  should consider if you want to be a professional freelance logo designer

1. More Concept Choices

Most freelance logo designer think create only one concept is enough. While actually better to have more concepts. It means that you will have more concepts for comparison. Create three to four logo concepts that different from each other.  Then you can show it to your client, describe the unique feature of each logo. And then let the client decide the concept. After that you can developing the proper logo design.

2. Understand the brand message

Make sure you know and understand the brand message.  What the company want to convey the message through  its brand. It will be a good guidance for you to create a logo from a brand that you understand well.

As a professional freelance logo designer you can talk to the company in depth about the brand. Check their slogan, motto, founder, or any motivational line.

3. Consistent Palettes

Maintain a consistent palette with the design and image also industry of your client’s company. It doesn’t mean you should use the same color every time. You can use the colors that built the corporate’s identity.

4. Resources to Fonts

One of the major roles of font is to give the personality to a logo. It is similar when we see someone’s clothing, we screen their personality. So does when we see the logo, we screen the personality of the company. Mostly the personality of logo is made of its fonts or typefaces. Therefore as a professional logo designer, you must have access to many resources of fonts.

5. Understand the Trends and Active in Social Media

Logo design also has trends, and a professional freelance logo designer must understand of it. You can just follow the trends design or ignore it. You can post your logo creation in your social media and ask your followers about it.  Besides that active in social media will  also leverage your personal branding.

As a freelance logo designers you work for yourself. However, you should also follow some basic rules when designing a logo. Creativity doesn’t mean you can come up with weirdest logo design that you think super cool. Because it is the client who will decide it. Thus you must keep simple, use few fonts and colors, and also open to client’s feedback.

Source : designhill


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