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5 tips to Make You Stand Out of The Crowd on Freelancing Platform

Freelancing seems easy as there are many freelancing platforms nowadays. But,  the easier it looks, the more competition there. As an example, in a freelancing platform you can find many content writers promise you to write high quallity articles with competitive price.  So, if you are a freelancer, or a new freelancer you might think how to stand out of the crowd in the freelancing platform like Flexgigzz,Fiverr and Upwork ? You can check this 5 tips to Make You Stand Out of The Crowd on Freelancing Platform. 

As pandemic hit many people lost their job and also work from home push many people to do work behind laptops.  While  from the companies sides as a result of budget cuts, enterprises were compelled to lay off employees. Individuals chose to leave their employment for fear of being exposed to the coronavirus, while others decided that, given how brief life may be, they wanted to leave their jobs and do something they enjoyed. 

Last year, roughly 57 million Americans identified as freelancers and considered themselves to be part of the gig economy. As part of Covid-19’s new normal, data for 2020 will show a significant increase in that amount. Why did so many people choose to work as freelancers in 2019? All of this is explained in one study: Skilled freelancers make more per hour than 70% of American workers. If American can do that, means you can do that to.   

However as many people join to the freelancers talent pool,  the market become more competitive. The competition to stand out as a freelancer has suddenly gotten a lot tougher, and everyone is aware of it. The most popular freelancing platforms today, from  Upwork, Fiverr and Flexgigzz, are used by tens of millions of users. So, how to make you stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform ? especially if you    are a new freelancer. 

Here are five ways to stand out from the competition on major freelancing sites.

1. Use the right picture for your profile 

People mistakenly believe that by working online as an anonymous provider rather than as a corporate employee, they will be able to hide their identity from their freelancing profile.  But hey, put yourself on the client’s point of view will you trust someone from the online world that is anonymous? Especially if you don’t have working samples, the client might think that you are a scammer. 

That’s why you need to put your proper profile picture on your account and don’t use celebrity pictures or fake picture.  Human are visual creatures, you scan people from their looks on Tinder before you swipe right, aren’t you? Include different photos of yourself for your profile picture, services and biography. The more images you use, the more trustworthy you become.  

Stand Out of The Crowd on Freelancing Platform
Profile Pictures

In order make you stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform  you must post  clear and high-definition photos in which you are making eye contact with the camera. It will be better if you represent what you do. For example, if you are a writer, put a picture while you with your laptop.  You can also consider branding yourself with the same colors or filter in all of your images.  

2. Feature as many reviews as possible

It is critical to have social proof. It’s the only way we can convince ourselves that someone we’ve never met in person is trustworthy online. That’s why 84% of consumers believe internet reviews just as much as a personal reference from a friend or family member. Putting your five-star ratings at the top of your page can help a buyer trust you right away.  

You can make you stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform by Work hard in the beginning to secure a perfect five-star average. Go above and beyond and consider charging less-than-market prices to get your first reviews. You can also remind your first client to leave a review. 

3. Being honest with your previous project

Lie about your previous project   is never a good option. The client can check information about you online.  Should the freelancing site catch you lying, you will be blacklisted for the remainder of the platform’s existence so It’s not worth it. 

Stand Out of The Crowd on Freelancing Platform

If you don’t have many previous projects to make you stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform  you can offer free work for friends and family to bolster your portfolio. 

Spend some months doing work for free so you can add real projects and products to your profile. Buyers are more likely to buy from you if they trust you. If they catch you lying, they will never trust you again.


4. Don’t wait for first reviews

Waiting is always challenging and many times frustrating. So rather that waiting for first client and get first review you must think out of the box.  

You can ask family members, former coworkers, friends and those who follow you on social media if they need your service for their businesses and ask their review.  You can  also offering discount for your service on social media to get your first client. With this you can stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform. 

5. Offer more than one services

Consumers want choices while purchasing, according to marketing studies. Same goes with freelancing profile. Buyers will believe you’re new to the site, have no idea what you’re doing if you only offer one service. So what should you do to stand out of the crowd on freelancing platform if you don’t know what other services to offer?  You can check out your competition. Look up people with your same skill-set and see what other services they list. 

You can also make some gigs with differentiation in price and quantity of work. For example $10 for 500 words article,  $18 for 1000 words article and $20 for 1200 words article.  

Those that once laughed at the thought of a side hustle becoming a main hustle are no longer laughing. Our newly decentralized, socially distanced world has made freelancing ripe for the taking, which is why now is a great time to pivot your skill-set online through one of the major freelancing sites. Follow these tips above to ensure you are positioned as successfully as possible while wading into the freelancing waters. 

Freelancing is the new concept in this decade, which is why now is a wonderful moment to flip your skill-set online through one of the big freelancing sites. Follow the advice above to guarantee that you’re in the best possible position when it comes to freelancing. 

Source: entrepreneur.com 



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