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6 Apps to Improve your Content Writing  

Every content writer must have experienced the darkness of writers’ block. Because there is stress from inside your mind to create the next viral writing or write something that out the box.  Suddenly you feel worried and afraid to write, and no idea comes out.  Put aside your anxiety and desire to write something that viral.  Check these 6 apps to improve your content writing to get rid of the writer’s block. 


This apps will help you with the capitalization. Sometimes You don’t really know when to stop tapping frantically on your keyboard. Then you realize all the words that you have typed all are uppercase. Indeed, it is annoying, but you can try Convertcase to solve that problem.You can use Convertcase for free. Besides that, it has different language options and you can have different capitalization options. As it is an awesome app we put this as the first list of 6 apps to improve your content writing to get rid of the writer’s block.  

Apps to Improve your Content Writing  

Hemingway Editor  
This app is just like your editor friend. It has an automatic setting that warns you if you’re using too many adverbs or if you’re using passive voice. If there’s a simpler way to say something, this app will catch it. When you know you have a tendency to ramble or just want to remain succinct, it’s a good tool to hold you in check.  It has simple interface and won’t make you confuse to use it.  


This helpful app is very common to use among writers. A simple user interface and easy UX design make this app the most famous grammar checking app. You can add the Grammarly extension on chrome and it’ll check almost everything you type into your browser, not to mention your emails in Gmail. 

Apps to Improve your Content Writing  


It’s basically an online application that allows you to automate the popular Pomodoro Time Method while also allowing you to customize a timer sequence. To fit your workflow, use the productivity-boosting Pomodoro system timer or configure your break/work times in the custom timer.  

Calmly Writer  

Sometimes your biggest obstacles are distractions. Whatever your distraction is get rid of it with Calmly Writer. It has optional typewriter sound so you can pretend you are in making your super important best seller novel.  


This is the best app to paraphrase with simple user interface.  User can adjust the level percentage of paraphrasing.  It also offers free service for users.  You can just copy paste the paragraph and click paraphrase.    

Have you tried those six apps or you already become a user of one of those apps? How does your experience we would like to hear from you?  

You can also create your freelancer content profile on to widen your market and get more clients.  Or, you can leverage your content writing skills into fiction writing skills here on Soho Learning Hub. 

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